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Where the Heck is Matt? Get a 2016 Edition

Matt Harding is back with his latest round of dancing badly with family, friends, and strangers in dozens of U.S. states and countries around the world.

This Dancing Dog Loves to Bust a Move

This needs to be at least four hours longer.

Your Brain on Dubstep

Nova moves to the beat of her own dubstep, while her older sister, Sophia, performs “Mary Had a Little Lamb” on her recorder.

Two Gay Men Have a Bus Stop Dance Off

Sketch show Black Comedy shows what can happen when two gay guys get competitive at a bus stop.

Dance Moves

Brent Weinbach demonstrates some new dance moves great for use at the club or at home.

Super Selfie – The Dark Knight Dances

I’m pretty sure this is the meaning of life…?

Ecstasy Is A Helluva Drug…

Proof that drugs are bad.

Dancing Like No One’s Watching

Unsee, unsee, unsee…

Awesome Cat Dances To Dupstep

This cat’s got some moves.

M4SONIC – Virus (Live Launchpad Original)

Musical ability meets chronic autism.

Lindy Hoppers Killing it

Dance meets Judo.

How To: Hip Hop

If you want mad swag, it’s all about the Plié.

Steve Gets A Letter

Best. Letter. Ever.

Deutschland Dubstep

He might have been a baddie, but dude could dance.

Gangnam Style Mom

If you’re going to have an embarrassing mom, she might as well be Gangnam Mom.

Weird Girl Dancing

So you think you can pyjama dance?

The Skyrim Dance

Before having a ten hour sesh on Skyrim, this is a must.

Pussycat Dolls FAIL!

This video quickly goes from hilarious to creepy in a matter of minutes. Two girls are messing around and having some lulz miming along to the Pussycat Dolls, then all of a sudden we enter pant-staining territory as the back garden starts going all horror movie. Trees start moving, bikes start falling over, something’s out […]

Weird Soviet Psych-Folk

In Soviet Russia, well, shit’s just weird. I mean, come on! WTF is all this about? They’re not even sweating a pill and they’re acting all crazy.

Dancing Snail

What? You’ve never seen a dancing snail before? They love to move.