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How to Plait Hair

A tutorial for dads on how to give their daughter’s two quick and easy hairstyles.

Dad Shreds it

He’s very good, but lose the dad shorts.

Burglurglrgulrgl Baby Babble

Give this baby a recording contract. Quick!

Shower With Your Dad Simulator 2015

Video gaming reaches its zenith.

Spring-Loaded Glitter Bomb Vs. Dad

Son teaches his dad a lesson in opening other people’s mail by sending him a glitter bomb addressed to the son.

Dad Gets His Daughter a ‘Frozen Doll’ for Christmas

Joke lvl: dad.

Vlog Project with Dad Goes FAIL

Here’s a textbook example of how NOT to help your kid with their homework.

Guy Pranks His Dad, His Dad Pranks Back

This guy will never, ever think about pranking his dad ever again.

Irish Dad Reacts to His Son’s Failed Driving Test


Dad’s Hilarious Response to His Son Getting Stung by Bees

If your son gets stung by bees, this is an entirely appropriate response.

Epic Dad FAIL!

Sometimes things just don’t go to plan…

Brutal Rollerblading Faceplant

The dad’s reaction is just the best. Father of the year.

The Mural

Kids these days, they don’t even know how to ruin a decent wall. I mean, just look at the crappy typeface he’s used. Duh.