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Little Girl Meets a ‘Robot’

Rayna befriends a water heater she thinks is a robot and it’s adorable. ‘I wuv you robot.’

Dancing Bats

It’s just three bats doing what bats love to do: shake their bat booty!

Tiny Hamsters Eating Tiny Burritos

Now he all he needs is a tiny Corona to wash it all down with.

3 Yeat Old Has Adorbale Arguement with Mom Over Cupcakes

“Linda, Linda, Linda, listen, listen to me….” —this kid has the most compelling argument ever, so just give him the cupcakes, Linda.

Ice Cream Van Causes Excited Kids to Fall Over

There’s no greater joy in life than laughing at kids falling over.

2yr Old Girls Beat The Crap Out Of Each Other

You won’t wanna meet one of these in a dark alley. Be afraid.

Sucks To Be You…..

No one likes to be awoken from their slumber, least of all a sleeping baby.

She’s cute……*WAIT!?!

Never judge a book by it’s cover!


If you thought sloths looked cute, wait til you hear one!

Puppy Plays Catch

…but he’s not very good at it yet. D’awwwwww.

Family Of Ducks Cross Highway

Duck pancakes, anyone?

Ticklish Meerkat

As if they weren’t cute enough before…


It’s a cruel, cruel world…

Swarm of Kittens Getting a Bath

Careful, you may end up looking like a grinning, doting goon after watching this.

Elephant Plays with a Galaxy Note!

It comes to something when even a member of the animal kingdom has a smartphone and not only that but it knows how to use it.

Excitable Dog Plays It Cool

It’s a classic maneuver. We’ve all done it.

Redneck Redemption

Remember that scene in the movie Deliverance? Nah, not that one with the Dueling Banjos, but the other one, in the woods with the rednecks, and that fat guy who looks like a pig. Yeah, exactly, harrowing wasn’t it. Well, now the tables have been turned as a redneck gets a taste of what it […]