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Creepy Little Girl Mask is First Class Nightmare Fuel

You can blame professional mask maker Landon Meier a.k.a Hyperflesh for this horrorshow.


Sometimes watching stock footage throws up some unexpected surprises of the creepy kind. WTF!?!

Creepy Keyboard Cat

It’s like the uncanny, twisted unholy abomination of a brother of Keyboard Cat sent to terrify the world until the end of days.

Dial-up Sound 700% slower

This will creep you out for the rest of the day, it sounds like the stilted cries of a machine entity from another dimension.

When Does a Dream Become a Nightmare?

Is it the point where the dead fetus of a human-headed Tyrannosaurus Rex starts talking to you in Hindi, or when the ants start eating your body which is then consumed in flames of blood? Or is it a kids’ TV show slowed down to induce ketamine-like brain change? *gulp*

Hey, Baby!

This guy’s got the creepy pedo-grin down to a kind of nth level mastery. I can’t look at his leering smile without feeling like I’ve just been molested by a phallic-ridden Manga monster who’s come to steal my childhood memories and sell them to sex traffickers in Asia. Kudos.

Health – “We are Water”

Well this is guaranteed to freak you the fuck out; new music video from director Eric Wareheim (from Tim and Eric), and he is one sick, sick puppy. Genital mutilation, decapitation, creepy fairytale woodland…it’s all here.