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Go Karting Fail

She tried to kill him, but he swerved her ass?.

Mooning Guy Causes Rally Driver to Crash

Does this count as sabotage?? Assotage?

Girls Crash Car While Making a Karaoke Selfie Video

Lesson to learn here is: don’t karaoke selfie and drive.

Truck Driver Takes Down Motorcyclist

There’s teaching someone a lesson in driving the wrong way towards oncoming traffic, and then there’s nearly killing someone.

POV Bike Accident At 140 MPH

And this is why you always keep your eye on what’s in front of you. Damn.

Audi S5 Drift Fail Crash

Not so much a drift as completely losing control of your car.

Thomas The Train Crash

Well that escalated quickly.

Texting While Driving Crash

And this is why we don’t text and drive, people.

Father of the Year – Boy on Bike Crashes into Tree

The greatest video you’ll ever see.

Extreme Driving – Is it a Car? Is it a Boat?

Calmness lvl: Russian.

Big Ship Crushed by Huge Ship

The huge bulk carrier, Grand Rodosi, spears headlong into the side of the tuna boat.

Sleeping Wife Prank: #FailFix

This is a seriously mean trick to play on your wife…

GT-R Douchebag

“Shall we stop for him?” “No. F#ck that guy. He’s retarded.”

Dubious Claims Game

Let’s face it, insurance premiums suck already, so we definitely don’t need jerks jacking the rates up even more by staging fake accidents or submitting bogus claims. But who says insurance claims can’t be fun? The folks at Spencers Solicitors, who help innocent victims of genuine claims get compensated, created this fun little game called […]