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How To Create A Skiing ‘Slope Song’

Just take a mashup artist, add some skiers, a dash of music and mix with plenty of snow…..Turn up volume and enjoy.

Stuff Happening in Reverse

Simple, yet totally mesmerizing.

‘Control the Light’

Yep I’m going to say it, this looks like a vehicle from Tron.

Cute SD Card Micro-Mecha Robot Transformation

Memory cards, they’re robots in disguise! At least, they are in this video which shows a microSD card that doesn’t just store endless photos of your cat.

Crazy Piano Keyboard Shuffle

Keyboard Cat better watch out, he’s got some competition in the shape of a baby and a whole bunch of other people who are having a collective jamming session on the Yamaha’s b series piano.

A clever way to open a bag of snacks

Try this on your friends and witness their heads explode in pure awe.

What Kind of Witchcraft is This?

Definitely some Harry Potter magic going on here…

RC Superman

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?


Because normal cats are too boring…

SSD Angels: Black Ops

Fans of COD: Black Ops know that sometimes you need to go deep, DEEP undercover to achieve your goals.

Fixing Broken Relationships

When your computer starts playing up your relationship can hit the rocks…

You WILL Obey Me!

Cats, every day getting closer to world domination. Fear them!

Pomplamoose vs Motilo: “Another Day”

You’re in for an audiovisual treat as the endearingly cute voice of Nataly Dawn and the toe-tapping beats of Jack Conte (aka the musical force that is Pomplamoose) are complimented with the puppet-like stop-motion dancing of the beautiful Motilo models to give you a sublime few minutes of pop perfection–and a little respite from your […]

Get Your Labels On Route 66

If you had a chance to choose some poignant words that would act as a label for yourself and your life, what would you choose? It’s not as easy as you might think. It’s almost like writing an epitaph for the life you are still living. Take these people for example, living along the most […]

Marmite Mushrooms

Dom Joly, the star of Trigger Happy TV, he’s an awful lot like Marmite, you either love him or hate him. Now the two essential ingredients are combined to show you how to hone your ‘Haute Cuisine – Hate Cuisine’ skillz in the kitchen. Forget ‘Epic Meal Time’, those guys would never attempt this. Have […]

Super Slow-Motion Motion

Your first thoughts will be why are these mime artists moving so slowly, have they slipped through a temporal wormhole into another reality where time…ticks…really…slowly? But there’s reason behind their snail-like incremental movements—and it’s not just to freak stoners out. It’s so you get to watch the world whizzing past them, a bit like Neo […]


It can be confusing to describe a balloon race across the internet. And that’s not because it’s a confusing game, it’s just because it’s a balloon race. Across the internet. The race course that all the balloons fly through is made up of loads and loads of websites. Each website has the race course floating […]

Scaring The Crap Out OF Your Friends!

Halloween’s approaching, which means lots of girls in skimpy clothes — bonus — and you get to scare the living crap out of your buddies and little bro, and no one can bust your ass for it. But instead of having to go about the labourious business of setting up a trick, use this instead […]

The One Cent Experiment!

Talk about a ‘tight’ chick! – See a penny, pick it up, then a bunch of strangers in bunny costumes, banging drums, singing and dancing like a marching band of merry freaks come out of nowhere and scare the crap out of you. Thank God she didn’t take any psychedelics that morning, otherwise this could’ve […]

Life’s A Blur!

It’s a collision of the real and the virtual worlds, but before you get too spooked about living unaware inside the matrix, this collision is an awesome piece of 3D-perspective street art by British artist Gavin Nolan. It looks like two street-racing cars crashing through a magistrate’s court (if only) to reveal a trippy rainbow […]