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Stephen Colbert ‘Interviews’ President-Elect Donald Trump

In this 60 Minutes/Late Show exclusive, Stephen Colbert poses tough questions to the incoming President of the United States.

How to Hug Another Man

Comedian Robbie Sherrard uses a suit form to demonstrate the correct and incorrect ways for a man to hug another man.

Predictive Text Man

This is your brain on predictive text.

‘I’m Afraid To Talk To Men’ the Song

Isn’t everyone afraid to talk to men?

‘Last Night’s Makeup’ Tutorial

Comedian Ashley Bez shows how to achieve a look that says ‘I’ve been out partying (and possibly crying) all night.’

Finnish Booze Day for the Parents

How do grown up Finnish people behave, when their children allow them to drink alcohol?

Five Special Potatoes

A special song about some special potatoes.

Speechless Speech / WLADIMIR PUTIN

The best speech Putin’s ever given.

Most Dangerous and Exciting Police Chase EVAAR!

Traffic cops capture a shoplifter in spectacular fashion!

Man vs Toddler

Who will come out on top?

Scottish Police

This is what the police are like in Britain.

How To Perform a Striptease

This video will tell you all you need to know.

Bucket Of Rice – TV Spot

Man, needs to get me some buckets of rice.

A Song Composed Of Swear Words

It’s really catchy.

The Swaggest Rap Song Ever

Altogether now, “Pussy pussy pussy marijuana-juana, pussy pussy pussy marijuana!”

Bob Mortimer Vines

You’ll be reassured to know that Bob is just as funny on Vine as he is in his TV shows (except Families at War, that was shit).

“Hell No” – The Sensible Horror Film

“Hey Carlos, me and the girls are wanting to sneak into an abandoned mental asylum this weekend with a Ouija board—wanna come?” “No, I don’t.”

Awkward Lunch

Jesus Christ, the nosiest person around.

Music 2000 – Antony Carmichael

Best rap song ever.

Doug Stanhope on Presciption Drugs

When did the boring drugs get so popular? You’ve changed man, you’ve changed.