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Jeff Goldblum Uploads Epic Video About His Ambidextrous Cat

OK, it might just be a guy who really sounds like Jeff Goldblum, but it’s hypnotic all the same.

Watch the Crazy Trailer for Cat Sick Blues

After his cat dies, a man goes on a murderous rampage to try and bring him back. I don’t even.

The Moment You Realise You’re a Cat

Cats should never be put near mirrors, ever.

My Super Saiyan Cat Saved My Son

A dramatic situation gets even more dramatic with some added Dragon Ball.

Roadkill – Hairball

Just a cat and a rat going for a drive and discussing coughing up each other’s furballs.

Weird Japanese Gum Commercial

Is it supposed to be the stuff of dreams or nightmares? 

Milo the Cat’s an A-Hole

This b@astard cat has ruined it for the rest of us.

Cat Curling

Seems legit.

Awesome Cat Rings Bell for Service and Treat

Great trick, but the owner who taught him it probably instantly regretted it.

Peeping Tom… Cat

Just be glad you don’t have to live with a cat like this.

Cat Attacks Woman in the Snow

Wherein she learns an invaluable lesson about not picking fights with stray animals.

Waffles The Terrible – Cat Fails Jump From Snow-Covered Car

Waffles the terrible jumper more like. Amirite? Huh?

Cat Sees Owner After 6 Month Leave

Sure it may be fake, but if it was real it’d be exactly the same outcome.

How to take your cat for a swim

He will find you, and he WILL kill you!

Smooth Criminal Cat

Annie are you OK? Are you OK, Annie? Clearly not.

A Very Obvious Cat Trap

Chances of success – 100%

X-Men: Cyclops Cat

Whatever the f#ck you do, DON’T give him any catnip!

Breakfast with Sushi

Because cats deserve pancakes too!

Hunting Gone Wrong

Sometimes it’s hard being a feline.

Cat Versus Yoghurt Pot

My cat did this with Häagen-Dazs. Hilarious stuff

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