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Professor Welton’s Boxing Cats from 1894

Was this the first ever cat video?

This Toy Cat is Perfect Nightmare Fuel

Sweet dreams aren’t made of this.

Cat Instantly Regrets Getting in the Bag

Curiosity is a cat’s worst enemy yet again.

This Cat has the Deepest Meow in the World Ever

If Barry White was a cat.

Vengeance Meow

A guy’s cat gets paid back for a week’s worth of early morning wake ups.

Ozzy Man Reviews: Crow vs Cat vs Cat

An Aussie comments on a cheeky crow provoking a race war between cats.

Cat’s Mind is Blown by Coin Box

Those eyes though.

Don’t Touch this Box

If you do, you’re going to upset the cat that lives inside.

Cat vs. Star Wars TIE Fighters

This cat hates them as much as the rebel scum.

Cats with Human Mouths = Hilarity

Meow, bitch.

How To Train a Cat

Teach your cat a variety of tricks with this informative how-to.

Fast & Furryest

Two cats face off at the traffic stop.

Lizard Attacks Cat with Lasers

Epic interspecies fight.

Cat Farts Explosive Diarrhea on her Owner

Owning pets is just the best.

Bird Trololo

A smarter cat would know not to mess with a crow.

Fastest Cat Fight Ever


Cat Plows Through Snow For it’s Dinner

Nothing can come between a cat and its food, not even 3ft of snow.

Win a Cat in an Arcade Claw Machine

Meanwhile, in Russia….

Cat Makes Epic Leap

This pretty much sums up my life.


This cat. What an asshole.