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Justin Bieber sleeping with a WOMAN MAN in Brazil

‘Then i saw his/her face… i’m a Belieber!’

Drunk Lady at the Beach

When you’re so fat the sea won’t even take you, you probably need to diet. But the thing is, no matter how hard the sea tries, it struggles to get rid of her. It can beach a whale, but not this chubby Snorlax.

Nothing is Impossible

Just because this dude’s only got one leg, possibly lost to an overzealous dance partner, doesn’t mean that’s going to stop him dancing the samba like a badass. Just imagine what he can do with two legs.

Nickelodeon Brazil

You can keep your SpongeBob SquarePants, I’ll take Ms. PertButt G-String (and her buddy the chocolate starfish) any day of the week.