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Dad Records His Son’s Amazing First Words

Incredible. Babies are just magical, aren’t they?

How to Go Christmas Shopping With a Baby

New Zealander dad, Jordan Watson, demonstrates a simple life hack for keeping track of your kids while Christmas shopping at the mall.


Go home baby, you’re drunk.

Hiccup Thug Life

So little yet so gangsta.

This Baby is Having an Adorable Existential Crisis

The baby’s just like “WTF dude?!”

Heisenberg Humiliated by a Baby

Walter gets OWNED by a baby!

The Force Awakens… Then Falls Back Asleep

Darth Baby.

Burglurglrgulrgl Baby Babble

Give this baby a recording contract. Quick!

Baby Laughs Like a Troll

If that even is a baby.

Big Brother Knows What’s Up

He’s wise beyond his years.

Hyundai Put A Baby In An Exoskeleton Suit

Mostly with newborn babies you dress them in a onesie, but this is the sort of onesie you expect Iron Man to dress his child in.

Typical Day at the Airport

This guy has the most p*ssed off face you’ll ever see.

Baby Predator is the Best Cosplay Ever

There’s no point in anyone anywhere ever doing cosplay ever again—because they will never hit the dizzy heights this kid reaches.

Viral Song

A 101 on how to make a song go viral on YouTube: it needs cute cats, funny babies, hot girls and, of course, cashew nuts.

Baby Goat Faints Down Slide

It was just all too much excitement for the poor little guy.

How to Fight a Baby

Wind is their Achille’s heel.

Baby LED light suit halloween costume

Cute……..and just a little bit creepy.

Well, That Escalated Quickly!

Same thing happens to me when i drink too much 🙁

“I’m Gonna Dunk It!”

Guess he doesn’t know that white kids cant jump!

Come here, you little brat!

Slightly disturbing that they’ve both spent a lot of time in the same place 🙁