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Hot Tub Cadillac

A 1969 Cadillac Coupe DeVille turned into a fully functioning drivable hot tub.

Dad Attaches Leaf Blower to Son’s Power Wheels Truck

Powerwheels + leaf blower= Genius

Super Mario Cage

It’s the video you’ve been waiting for, Nic Cage’s finest performances become the Super Mario theme.

Father of the Year – Boy on Bike Crashes into Tree

The greatest video you’ll ever see.

School Answering Machine

This is the answering message all schools should have.

Gerard Butler THIS IS SPARTA!

That is what all movie stars should be like.


The nerdiest pumpkin ever carved.

Trololo – 800% Hyper Extended Mix

This is what the beginning of the universe sounded like.

“Singles” by Rebecca Sugar

This animation is awesome and trippy. You need to watch it. Like now.

2747 Toothpicks in My Beard

When the sun goes red dwarf finally exploding in a fiery cosmic spew of super nebula, what will humanity’s legacy be? Probably some charred hunks of rock floating in the cold emptiness of a dying universe. But, when the cosmic overlords look back on humankind’s achievements, this will be remembered as one of the highest […]

Tron Uprising: Animated Series

It’s time to get your geek on and rez in your light suit costume, it’s TRON the animated series. Can I get a “Hell!” and can I get a “Yeah!”. To the light cycles!


All aboard…

Man Tash

In these days of metrosexuals and “the male in crisis” it’s good to know someone somewhere is keeping that shit real. Even if it is just a comic strip. Man up, tash on. (via

Axe Cop

Trailers do not come any better than this. It has it all, a T-Rex with machine-gun arms, a uni-baby, deadly snowmen. And created by a 5 year old child nonetheless. It puts us all to shame.