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Sea Lion Drags Little Girl into Water

Holy crap. This is how the sea lion takeover begins. Kudos to the guy who jumps in though.

Van Driver Attacks Innocent Cyclist


Snake Surprise

The scariest 17 seconds of video ever.

Public Information Film: What To Do In The Event Of A Nuclear Attack From Russia

After you’ve finished hyperventilating and pleading for humanity’s salvation, you’ll be glad you watched this.

Cat Attacks Woman in the Snow

Wherein she learns an invaluable lesson about not picking fights with stray animals.

Why Can’t We Be Friends

No. NO. NOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Chihuahuas are assholes.


Run, run, RUN away….live to be shamed another day…

What to Do If You Spot a Bear (Providence RI Local News)

She went full retard. Never go full retard.

Dance Justin, DANCE!!!

A member of the audience attacks Justin Bieber during his show in Dubai.

New IKEA advert 2013 – Time For Change

You’ll never think that poor gnomes are just stupid ornaments again….*SNIFF

Trust Fall Attack

You ready? Trust Fall Attack!

Seconds Since Last OCD Attack

Days since last posting this image: 3.

Seconds Since Last OCD Attack

Hey, looks like he’s done well, it’s been a good few minutes.