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Animals Sing the ‘DuckTales’ Theme Song

Dogs, cats, goats, and other animals ‘sing; the theme song from Disney’s classic animated series.

Castlevania Animation is Coming to Netflix

The Castlevania video game series is being adapted into an adult animation. The series will premiere this year on Netflix and is written by Warren Ellis, with director Adi Shankar and Adventure Times’ Kevin Kolde also involved.

Ginger Cat vs. The Paper Army 2

Filmmaker Adam Cox is back with an epic sequel to his 2013 viral short film, Ginger Cat vs. The Paper Army.

Cyriak’s Presents ‘The Magic of Christmas’

This being a Cyriak animation it’s not very magical and rather disturbed instead.

A ‘Stranger Things’ Christmas

Stranger Things and the classic animated Christmas special A Charlie Brown Christmas get mashed together.

Thomas the Tank Engine: Origins

This animated comedy short from AOK tells the dark origin story of Thomas the Tank Engine.

Horrifying Yet Beautiful Uncanny Expressions

The horror. The beauty.


More crazy toons from Tom Ska, animated by Ben ‘Wonchop’ Smallman.


Prepare for things to get weird.

The Calling

Happy Halloween.

The Captcha

This is EXACTLY how we all feel when doing a captcha. Nailed it.

Insane Animation From Cyriak

Cyriak’s brought out another insane animation that will warp your brain. In a good way.

WTF is Going on in This Video

Don’t even try to understand this, just embrace it.

The Whistling Supercut

Try listening to this without whistling along at some point. Go on.

The Elegant Gentleman’s Guide to Knife Fighting – Animations

Animation bumpers from an Australian sketch show: a place where high art meets debasing humor.

Light Goes On

Living(?) proof that you’re never too old to skateboard.

Late For A Meeting…

……….Or What GTA V online looks like when it lags.


This worker must be a very, very busy man.

Kud – Drijfzand

Proof that dick jokes transcend all language barriers.

Amazing Horse Meat

Weebl takes an animated jab at TESCOs.