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Lets face it, who really needs 4 wheels on a car?

Every F#cking Time!

When a teaspoon meets a running tap, total chaos will inevitably follow…

Kid’s Make BAD Goalies

…..But excellent candidates for total internet humiliation.

Riot Police play beach ball

Who says stopping extreme violence isn’t fun?

Helpful Girlfriend

With the power of the interwebs anything is possible…

That’s A Nice Vase

….and such an interesting technique.

Aliens 3……….with DOGS!

In space, no one can hear you say “Who’s a good boy then!?”

She’s cute……*WAIT!?!

Never judge a book by it’s cover!

Just Chillin’

Sometimes you just need to hang with your buddies.

Go home tortoise, you’re drunk!

Proof that when you are drunk you can’t remember where you parked your house!


Sometimes long is toooo long 🙁

Dealing pot in front of a police officer

It doesn’t ‘pan out as the cop expected.

Whenever Life Seems Impossible

Lilo will save you….


The Power Rangers show their true colors 🙁

Dance Justin, DANCE!!!

A member of the audience attacks Justin Bieber during his show in Dubai.

Meanwhile, in a Galaxy Far, Far Away

“Use the foot Luke…..”

Coffee Sir?

Is it me or is full contact fighting getting less hardcore?

Welcome to the Interwebs

Sometimes no description is possible!

What Kind of Witchcraft is This?

Definitely some Harry Potter magic going on here…

How to beat Tetris

And that kids is how i met your mother!