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Your Wife Rides My Jambo Jet

Um, yeah. This is likely to both cause offence and laughter.

Weird Russian Disco Guy

Here’s the next ten hours of your life sorted.

Fearless Teens Climb 600ft TV Tower

Fearless or dumb, either way they didn’t die.

Nerf Dart to the Eye

A king amongst men.

WTF Star Trek: TNG Mashup

Dare I say it, but it’s actually better than the actual show.

You Should Never Insult a Horse

Not unless you’re very far away from them.


Still a better love story than Twilight.

The Weirdest Thomas The Tank Engine Remix EVAR

This is your brain on drugs.

Bloodsport Mentos Commercial

Mentos commercial mixed with an actual scene from Bloodsport is a thing of beauty.

Inappropriate Laugh Track, Take 2

Highly inappropriate, but you’ll be laughing still.

Robot Servants?

Don’t panic, household robots haven’t come to start to robot revolution, it’s an ad for a TV show.

X-Wing in Space

What? No TIE Fighters? Rebel scum.


Prepare for things to get weird.

Chapel Plays Imperial March

This needs to be a doorbell ringtone.

Would You Date Sh*thead?

She can do a backflip. And count to two.

‘Malfunction’ Insanely Trippy Cyriak Video

It’s not like you needed to sleep tonight, was it?

Just a Lady Walking Her Pet Leopard in 1960s London

This is what the rich used to have as pets back in the day.

Soap Dongs

Eventually you’ll just be fondling balls.

Special Delivery!

An eye-opening education in the world of “whelping.”

Shower With Your Dad Simulator 2015

Video gaming reaches its zenith.

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