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Rabbit Eating Strawberries is Terrifyingly Cute

Eating strawberries or drinking the blood of innocents?

Scary Peek A Boo Teddy Bear

Pure and utter high grade nightmare fuel.

Meanwhile, in Japan…

That has got to hurt his manhood.

Farting Waffle Maker

While making some late-night waffles, Brandan VanHaaren couldn’t help but laugh hysterically when his waffle maker started making farting noises.

Roman Candle Minigun Fires 1001 Shots in 45 Seconds

A homemade Roman candle minigun created by attaching seven Cyber Cannon Roman candle fireworks to a 3″ PVC tube.

‘Control the Light’

Yep I’m going to say it, this looks like a vehicle from Tron.

Very Weird Version of Simpsons Intro

Oh, hello nightmare!

DuckTales the Alternate Intro

Dear God, WHY!?

Deadpool vs Hulk

Guy’s mom dressed as Hulk takes him down while he’s dressed as Deadpool. Why not?

A Tribute to Cats

A day in the life of a cat.

Eating 7lbs of Big Mac Flavored Rice

Try this at home? Or maybe not.

Your Wife Rides My Jambo Jet

Um, yeah. This is likely to both cause offence and laughter.

Weird Russian Disco Guy

Here’s the next ten hours of your life sorted.

Fearless Teens Climb 600ft TV Tower

Fearless or dumb, either way they didn’t die.

Nerf Dart to the Eye

A king amongst men.

WTF Star Trek: TNG Mashup

Dare I say it, but it’s actually better than the actual show.

You Should Never Insult a Horse

Not unless you’re very far away from them.


Still a better love story than Twilight.

The Weirdest Thomas The Tank Engine Remix EVAR

This is your brain on drugs.

Bloodsport Mentos Commercial

Mentos commercial mixed with an actual scene from Bloodsport is a thing of beauty.

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