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Inappropriate Laugh Track, Take 2

Highly inappropriate, but you’ll be laughing still.

Robot Servants?

Don’t panic, household robots haven’t come to start to robot revolution, it’s an ad for a TV show.

X-Wing in Space

What? No TIE Fighters? Rebel scum.


Prepare for things to get weird.

Chapel Plays Imperial March

This needs to be a doorbell ringtone.

Would You Date Sh*thead?

She can do a backflip. And count to two.

‘Malfunction’ Insanely Trippy Cyriak Video

It’s not like you needed to sleep tonight, was it?

Just a Lady Walking Her Pet Leopard in 1960s London

This is what the rich used to have as pets back in the day.

Soap Dongs

Eventually you’ll just be fondling balls.

Special Delivery!

An eye-opening education in the world of “whelping.”

Shower With Your Dad Simulator 2015

Video gaming reaches its zenith.

The Groove Tube: Brown 25 is a Load of Crap

This looks delicious.

Wakeboarding While Shredding Guitar

Mankind has hit its zenith.

Hyundai Put A Baby In An Exoskeleton Suit

Mostly with newborn babies you dress them in a onesie, but this is the sort of onesie you expect Iron Man to dress his child in.

Bark Lice Parading in Sync on a Wall

They’d make great backing dancers.

The Hole

I’ve seen enough hentai to know where this is going.

Climbing to the Top of A Hong Kong Skyscraper

Not only do they break in and reach the top, they even film with a drone too and hack a giant billboard to show their exploits.

Rally car makes spectators sh#t their pants!

It must be thinking to itself “Bad aiming, How can i miss so many people?”

Ebola is even scarier with Walking Dead Soundtrack

Karl…?! Where is Karl??

Bike sent by gods

God throwing his toys away! Always the same.

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