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How To Create A Skiing ‘Slope Song’

Just take a mashup artist, add some skiers, a dash of music and mix with plenty of snow…..Turn up volume and enjoy.

This Toy Cat is Perfect Nightmare Fuel

Sweet dreams aren’t made of this.

The Wonderful World of Tupperware

Back in the 1960s this passed as entertainment.


Brave or stupid? You decide.

Sea Lion Drags Little Girl into Water

Holy crap. This is how the sea lion takeover begins. Kudos to the guy who jumps in though.

Creepy Little Girl Mask is First Class Nightmare Fuel

You can blame professional mask maker Landon Meier a.k.a Hyperflesh for this horrorshow.

Guy Takes Thumb Trick to a Whole New Level

Minds will be blown.

A Laser Cut Vin Diesel Bust Out of Ham & Cheese

An incredible achievement.


ALL TOGETHER NOW! “We’re leaving together, / But still it’s farewell / And maybe we’ll come back / But fuck knows, who can tell?”

British Soccer Fans Want Their Inflatable Penis Back

There’s only on thing to chant when your inflatable penis gets confiscated.

Awkward Coffee-Shop Flirting is Fun

How to liven things up and get flirty with your morning cappuccino. No one expects urban improv to suddenly pounce on them.


When the the USS Enterprise gets attacked….in a tube station.

Hulk Vs. Bear

Did no one tell Hulk that being a dick to animals is not cool.

Taser Russian Roulette

Meanwhile, in Russia…

Burglar Caught in the Act

But thanks to Nest camera and the Dallas PD his plan was foiled.

Remember That Feeling?

When you get the Christmas present you always wanted your inner child is released in all it’s fury.

Russian Clown Car

A seemingly never ending number of Russian construction workers climb out of a small car, some even holding instruments, when they arrive to work.

Halo Theme in an Empty Church (CRAZY reverb)

This gave me the strangest Nerd Boner O.o

Warning: Swans hate selfies!

And they have very sharp beaks, so watch out!

The Secrets Of Magic Revealed

Some of the greatest illusions by some of the world’s greatest magicians work so well because we’re unable to guess how they did it.