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Motorcyclist Crashes, Falls off Cliff

A motorcycle rider somehow managed to survive falling down a cliff after losing control of his vehicle. In this heart-stopping footage captured on another guy’s headcam the rider can be seen skidding off the road after missing a turn.

A Toyota Cressida Traveling at 200km/hr on 2 Wheels

A case of two wheels good, four wheels is for losers.

Birthday Card Prank

What a horrible person. I’ll take fifty.

Fat Lady Gets Out of BMW

More of her just keeps coming and coming.

Stoned Guy Films Monster Grasshopper Get Eaten

Like dude, whoah. WHOAH.

Dad Gets His Daughter a ‘Frozen Doll’ for Christmas

Joke lvl: dad.

This Is Who Really #BrokeTheInternet

Forget Kim and her big butt being responsible, it was Jen who broke the internet.

Don’t Drink and Dance (DUI Stop)

New police dance enforcement policy seems to be working.

Top Ten Bad Numbers

Have you ever wondered what it felt like to experience brain cells dying?

Pitch-Tar Drop, School of Physics, Trinity College Dublin

Pitch has been dropping from this funnel since 1944, but in all that time no one’s ever seen a a drop fall. Until now.

Physics does not favour the bold.

You’re gonna need a wheelchair after that fall buddy…..*WAIT!

A car’s a privilege, respect it!

Do you have a Facebook friend whose car looks like they’ve been living in it for 5 years? Is it so bad, vermin have taken up residency in it?

North Korean Missile crisis explained…

With the help of anime everything makes sense.

Sexing It Up With Sylvester Stallone

Whatever way you look at it, it’s sound advice.

How (Not) to Get into the Movies

Hollywood, are you watching? Hello? Anyone…?

Gerard Butler THIS IS SPARTA!

That is what all movie stars should be like.

Getting Out of Quicksand is Harder Than You Think

Moral of the story: avoid quicksand at all costs.

Subwoofer Cat

He’s certainly feline this.

Darth Vader: What Are You Going to Do Next?

Darth is now part of the happy Disney family, so what next for this Dark Lord? A buddy movie with Mickey?

Epic Boat Jump

It’s hard to look cool after doing this.