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Wakeboarding While Shredding Guitar

Mankind has hit its zenith.

Djokovic vs Tank

The Australian Open really brings out the big guns.

RKO from outta nowhere – Backflip

Fail videos are always better with wrestling commentary.

Rally car makes spectators sh#t their pants!

It must be thinking to itself “Bad aiming, How can i miss so many people?”

NFL Players Read Mean Tweets About Themselves

NFL players might be tough, but they’re also human.

Lava Hotsprings High Dive Accident

Give this lady a gold medal!

Amateur Football is Full of Incredible Actors

This guy had better get an Oscar for this incredible performance.


This is quite simply the single greatest piece of commentary ever spoken.

Cross Fit by Jesus (CrossFit parody)

Nothing beats exercising with a holy cross strapped to your back.

Best NBA Video Bombs from the 2013-2014 Season

Being a top dog basketball player takes dedication, discipline and video bombing. Lots of video bombing.

The Story of Dock Ellis Throwing a No-hitter on LSD

The greatest athletic achievement by a man on a psychedelic journey.

Sochi 2014 Speed Skating Mario Kart Edition

The men’s 500m speed skating final gets reimagined (finally!) as a level from Mario Kart: Double Dash.

Cat Curling

Seems legit.

Star Wars Winter Olympics

The athletes in Sochi should be grateful the Olympics aren’t being held on Hoth.

The Onion’s Tour of Sochi’s Olympic Village

See where the athletes live, train and fuck each other’s brains out.

If Hoth Hosted The Winter Olympics

You know you really want this to happen…

Evgeni Plushenko – Pony Bomb Routine

This guy wins the internet for today.

GoPro Falls from Plane and Lands in Pig Pen

The camera was eventually found eight months later.

The Winter Olympics Have Always Been Gay

The Canadian Institute of Diversity and Inclusion stick it to Putin.

POV Bike BASE Jump Goes Wrong on Death Road

BASE jumping on a bike on the Bolivian Death Road? Yeah, sounds like a great idea.

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