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When You Play Dodgeball with a Softball Player

When dodgeball goes wrong.

UCLA Cheerleader Falls to the Ground—Twice

The lesson here, always use a stretcher—unless you’re Homer Simpson.

Andy Murray’s Notes

A fascinating insight into Murray’s Wimbledon-winning game plan.

Irish Soccer Fans Dent Car’s Roof, Fix it Straight Away

Now this is how fans abroad should behave.

Sports without fans is nothing - EURO 2016

Heartfelt story of a little girl and a life-long fan’s unforgettable experience to see their team play.

NBA Stars Read Mean Tweets About Themselves

No matter how many times Jimmy Kimmel does these, they never stop being funny.

Volleyball Player Scores Point With Her Face

She pulled a Scott Sterling move in real life.

Mooning Guy Causes Rally Driver to Crash

Does this count as sabotage?? Assotage?

Snowboarder is Chased By Bear

Whoah. That’s some seriously… good CGI.

Take a BMX Tour of Los Angeles

Nigel Sylvester dons a GoPro and takes us on a whirlwind tour of L.A.

Basketball Stuck on Rim in Final Seconds

Life is cruel.

Dad Shreds it

He’s very good, but lose the dad shorts.

Jurassic Parkour

Who knew T-rexs were so athletic?

The FIFA World Cup Story

The saga of the FIFA World cup and the three wholly honest and deeply ethical men who created it. Starring Sam Neill, Tim Roth and Gérard Depardieu.

Guy Has Seizure When Skydiving

Calls it the scariest moment of his life.

Wakeboarding While Shredding Guitar

Mankind has hit its zenith.

Djokovic vs Tank

The Australian Open really brings out the big guns.

RKO from outta nowhere - Backflip

Fail videos are always better with wrestling commentary.

Rally car makes spectators sh#t their pants!

It must be thinking to itself “Bad aiming, How can i miss so many people?”

NFL Players Read Mean Tweets About Themselves

NFL players might be tough, but they’re also human.

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