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Christmas 2014: ‘The Joy of Giving’

Get ready for some Xmas cheer as set out to spread a little Christmas magic across Britain.

Polish Guys Celebrate Easter With Homemade Cannon

Allegedly this is tradition in Poland over Easter—make a homemade cannon and blast it into the street.

Sonseed – Jesus Is My Friend (Ska Metal Version)

If more hymns were like this, congregations might find they’d get more attendance.

An electrical fire…..or a portal to hell?

If you go down to the woods today, you’re sure of a big surprise….

Whenever Life Seems Impossible

Lilo will save you….

Christmas in 47 Seconds

Made using 100% factual information.

Rebel Escalator

So simple, so good.

Smurfs Will Steal Your Child’s Soul

Insanity or deadpan comedy gold? Got to love those crazy Christians…

How To Cook Bacon

Perfect bacon! OM NOM NOM.

The Gluecifixion

Hilarious heresy. Advertising at it’s finest.

7th heaven pot smoking episode

It’s the Devil’s harvest, son. No good will come of it.

Atheist’s Nightmare = A Simple Question

Can you disprove god? Well, if god did exist surely he would’ve smited this guy from the earth.

Peace Talks

Words vs bullets – who’s going to win? Well when they’re flying out of two guys’ mouths then probably the words, at least according to this world-wide appeal for ‘International alert’. These two might want to take a closer look at their diet, whatever it is they’re eating is causing some strange symptoms. Thank god […]

Dream Casserole

We need to go deeper. The casserole dish needs to be deeper, the imaginings of a life never lived are spilling out the sides…

Historic Facebook Updates

As long as it’s teaching the kids that Columbus was discovered by America and Buzz Lightyear was the first man on Mars, then the social networking site is a force for good.

Ted Is God

That is all.

“Carol Of The Belts” by Here Come The Mummies

Yes, it’s nearing the festive season of good will to yo momma. And you know what that means? Of course you do, we’ve been indoctrinated with it since year one. It means 4000 year Egyptian mummies with jingling fucking bells on their crotch playing “Carol Of The Bells”.

Insane Christian Crunk Video

I don’t remember the part in the bible about lazer dinosaurs and unicorns and seizure-inducing graphics, but then I skimmed most of the bible and went straight for the good stuff: Revelation. If I’d have know there was going to be a chapter on neon Christian rave kids pilled up on techno I’d’ve paid more […]

He Is Not A Terrorist

Wow, this is deep. Who made this movie? The dead soul of Kierkegaard? I reckon. It’s just something to think about, yeah. Imma gonna have to go lie down, my brain hurts just thinking about the contentious issues this mock-classroom has raised. Profound.

The Victim’s Body

So, if you want to know how to spot an evil Satanist, you probably don’t want to watch this video, because it’s just full of absolute crap. And to think this was issued by the federal government, that’s what’s really scary, not make-believe Satanists raping our cats.