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Flippy Lid

Oh flippy lid, i could watch your hypnotic dance forever…

Meet Victo the robot, powered by Samsung SSD 850 PRO

This little dude’s got more movez than Jagger…

Girls: What Your Boyfriend is Doing After Every Argument

This guy literally just won the internet.

Cat with laser pointer on head

Hours and hours…….and hours of fun.

How to do in GTA online

……..And i am in the darkside of YouTube. Again

Crazy Selfie From Hong Kong Skyscraper

To boldly go where no other selfie has gone before…

MLG Mario

Sadly this is so good that it will destroy your life!

Halo Theme in an Empty Church (CRAZY reverb)

This gave me the strangest Nerd Boner O.o


Epic! ………and utterly strange!

PAX East 2010 knuckle crack

Arthritis, arthritis everywhere!

Paranormal Pugtivity

We need to go deeper…….

Tokyo to San Francisco in 83 seconds

If only air travel really was this fast.

DIY X-Men Pyro: Shooting 12ft Flames From Your Wrist

It’s amazing this DIY X-Man hasn’t done himself a serious injury. What a hero.

Baby Predator is the Best Cosplay Ever

There’s no point in anyone anywhere ever doing cosplay ever again—because they will never hit the dizzy heights this kid reaches.

My Super Saiyan Cat Saved My Son

A dramatic situation gets even more dramatic with some added Dragon Ball.

Back to the Future Played On Computer Disk Drives


Fully Automatic Wolverine Claws

OK these are undoubtedly awesome, it’s just a shame they had to be made by the most annoying man on the internet.

Cute SD Card Micro-Mecha Robot Transformation

Memory cards, they’re robots in disguise! At least, they are in this video which shows a microSD card that doesn’t just store endless photos of your cat.

Voice of Winnie the Pooh Reads Star Wars as Darth Vader

Every phase of your childhood wrapped into one.

Gearing Up - Supercut

You’re about to kick some alien/invading army/bad guy’s butt, so what do you need to do? Gear the fuck up muthafuckers.

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