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‘Ozzy Man’ Reviews Apple’s iPhone 7 Ads

Hilarious and also gives the real reason Apple made the phone waterproof.

Halo Theme in an Empty Church (CRAZY reverb)

This gave me the strangest Nerd Boner O.o

How ‘Pokémon GO’ Creatures Are Spawned

So this is how they distribute Rattata, Pidgey, Zubat, and Ekans around the world.

Toilet Paper Machine 2.0

Now this is true innovation.

Grandma Freaks out Trying Virtual Reality

Maybe her first experience being Jurassic Park wasn’t such a good idea.

This Pigeon is Not What it Seems

But it’s still not quite as repulsive as the real things.

The Impossible Done on a Milling Machine

Watch a grown man proficient with large and expensive fabrication machinery, mill, turn and thread a potato.

A Robot That Helps You Argue on the Internet

This Internet Comment Assistant™ will fight your internet battles for you.

Kylo Ren in Classic Movies

What if Kylo Ren was in your favorite movies of all time?

The Walking Dead with Benny Hill Theme

So, so good.

Old Boy’s Streets of Rage

Someone needs to make this into an actual level from the game.

Making Music with Siri

We have a winner for best use of Siri.

Crouching Tiger Swinging Lightsabers

What happens when the world of ancient east and a galaxy far, far away combine?

Happy Holidays From Boston Dynamics


The Walking Dead Jedi

Michonne was secretly a Jedi all along. Who knew?

Asking Walker Stalker Con: Is Glenn Dead?!

He can’t be. He just can’t be.

Chuck Norris Vs Street Fighter

Chuck (inevitably) WINS!

X-Wing in Space

What? No TIE Fighters? Rebel scum.

Mid-Fight Crossguard Lightsaber Debate

A Sith lord and a Jedi stop mid-battle to debate the functionality of the crossguard lightsaber.

Portal Trick Shots

The trick shots to end all trick shots.