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True Facts About The Octopus

ZeFrank’s back with another eye-opener on the natural world, this time delivering the scientific truth about octopuses.

Warning: Swans hate selfies!

And they have very sharp beaks, so watch out!

Planet Snoop: Unexpected Catfish

Everyone’s favorite nature-documentary narrator Snoop Dogg brings forth his epic and hilarious commentary skills.

Parrots Show How to Dance to EDM

Dancing pet parrots demonstrate the proper way to dance to various styles of electronic dance music.

One Bird Band

Best cover of The Adams family theme song ever.

Animals Sing Joan Osborne’s ‘What If God Was One Of Us’

Dogs, cats, goats, and other animals perform a hilarious cover of Joan Osborne’s ’90s hit.

Vegan Rappers Say Don’t Use Animals as an Insult

Respect animals just like these not-so-badass rappers who are straight outta couscous.

Kitten vs Mirror

A kitten sees itself in the mirror for the first time.

Meet Pete The Farting Corn-Eating Wombat

This is your spirit animal.

This Pigeon is Not What it Seems

But it’s still not quite as repulsive as the real things.

Snowboarder is Chased By Bear

Whoah. That’s some seriously… good CGI.

This Screaming Dog Will Give You Nightmares

Sounds like a fox in heat, getting strangled by a cat.

Watch the Hilarity of Cyclists Chased by an Ostrich

If the ostrich can run that fast, imagine if it had a bicycle.?

Rabbit Eating Strawberries is Terrifyingly Cute

Eating strawberries or drinking the blood of innocents?

Sexy Knife Crab is Gonna Cut You

Don’t mess with this f*ckin’ crab.

Evil Parrot

You can’t escape its evil laugh.

Hyena Sticks Head In Elephant’s Butt

This was never going to end well.

Pigeons Drunk on Cider

That pigeon needs a pint of water and a fry-up.

Gigantic Great White Shark Attacks Cage

They won’t be cage diving ever again then.

Breakfast for Your pet Raptor

Turns out velociraptors are just like big cats.

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