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Five Special Potatoes

A special song about some special potatoes.

Man Farts Slayer

Hand farts, that is.

Smells Like Teen Shovel

A dropped shovel sounds exactly like the beginning of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” Amazing.

Weird Russian Disco Guy

Here’s the next ten hours of your life sorted.

Don’t Do Drugs, Do Fruit

Or do both.

Crazy Breakdancing Skills

The Koreans sure know how to bust some moves.

Is James Acaster Rushing or Dragging?

That JK Simmons is such an ass.

Thomas The Tank Engine Theme (WTF Version)

The entire song was created from Childish Gambino saying “Eh”.

‘Hey, Y’all Gotta Cigarette?’ Music Remix

Best song you’re ever going to hear.

Niki Minaj - Anaconda on Eight Floppy Drives

Wait for it.

Guy Makes Remix From Airline Safety Announcement

It’s pretty damn good too.

Punk Meets Street Organ in this WTF Video

This guy should be on Eurovision.

Weird New Music Video by Cyriak

13.8 billion years of capitalism condensed into 3 minutes.

Madonna’s Fall “THIS IS SPARTA” Version

It doesn’t get better than this.

Wakeboarding While Shredding Guitar

Mankind has hit its zenith.

Barney Synced with Straight Outta Compton

Barney Wit Attitude.

David Bowie in one minute, in one take

He’ll always be Jareth the goblin king to me.

How To Pull the Appropriate Guitar Faces

From lyric-mimicking to smelling the skunk, they’re all here.

Ed Sheerchin Sings ‘Thinking Out Loud’

An incredible performance.

Steve Ballmer Wildly Dances to Fergie

Fergie surprised the crowd at Staples Center with an on court performance and Steve Ballmer loved every minute of it.

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