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If Miley Cyrus ever offers you a kiss, run…….and never stop!

Boob Apron

Some men just want to watch the world burn.

Give It to Me

It’s not what you think.

Girls Check Out Guy’s Crotch Bulge on Train

Turns out women are just as perverted as men.

Beautiful Naked Stop-Motion

It’s not everyday you come across a stop-motion video created using 100 people in their birthday suits.

Sperm Whale Explodes (Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball Edition)

It’s only funny if you ignore the exploding mammal…

Thanksgiving Twerk-ie

Whoever thought that having Miley Cyrus over for dinner could be possible?

Justin Bieber sleeping with a WOMAN MAN in Brazil

‘Then i saw his/her face… i’m a Belieber!’

Make-up in 10 seconds

Try showing this to your (soon to be ‘ex’) girlfriend and explain to her that if it’s good enough for Microsoft, it’s good enough for her…

Gran Theft Auto: British Gas Rampage

Warning: May contain graphic violence, strong language, strong sexual content, gambling, drug use and general abuse against a certain energy provider. Children should remain vigilant when buying games for their grandma.

Vacuum Cleaner Wake Up

Getting torn away from a peaceful slumber like this really sucks!

Could you still do this at 70?

Just because your hair starts to go grey and you get a “grand” added to your parental title doesn’t mean you can’t still have some outlandish fun. #Stillgotit

2yr Old Girls Beat The Crap Out Of Each Other

You won’t wanna meet one of these in a dark alley. Be afraid.

The Biggest Day Of Her Life

And who said romance is dead? #GettingMarried

Telekinetic ‘Carrie’ Prank Freaks Out Coffee Shop Customers

OMG, can you just imagine if she had PMS as well….The horror!

Miley Cyrus – Wrecking Ball (Nicolas Cage Edition)

I’ve been waiting all my life to see this…

Romeo & Juliet FAIL!

Lets face it, no one likes a happy ending!

Come here, you little brat!

Slightly disturbing that they’ve both spent a lot of time in the same place 🙁

Patrick Stewart: Quadruple Take Masterclass

This is how Captain Piccard gets laid. It works every time.

Helpful Girlfriend

With the power of the interwebs anything is possible…