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Awkward Coffee-Shop Flirting is Fun

How to liven things up and get flirty with your morning cappuccino. No one expects urban improv to suddenly pounce on them.

Christmas 2014: ‘The Joy of Giving’

Get ready for some Xmas cheer as set out to spread a little Christmas magic across Britain.

The Hole

I’ve seen enough hentai to know where this is going.?

Rally car makes spectators sh#t their pants!

It must be thinking to itself “Bad aiming, How can i miss so many people?”

Best Marriage Proposal FAIL EVER!!!

Well, that ended badly….

How Else Would it Get in There?

Yep kids….mommies eat babies. Be afraid!

Girls: What Your Boyfriend is Doing After Every Argument

This guy literally just won the internet.

Mom interrupts son’s terrible bootleg music video.

Parents just don’t understand….

Neighbors from hell. Huntington Beach, CA.

Well, that escalated quickly…

So…..Is anybody afraid of spiders?

I have never been more afraid of someone in my entire life!

Licking bird poo and wearing it too :(

There’s no accounting for taste…

Crazy Selfie From Hong Kong Skyscraper

To boldly go where no other selfie has gone before…

Ice Bucket Challenge SPANG!

I guess it was a good job there was some ice around – OUCH!

Official Prancercise: Fitness with Passion

She is as smart as she is beautiful…….you do the math.

“It’s a Wonderful Life” / “Happy”

HAHA, Who’s smiling now, eh?

Sarah: “Active” – video diary goes wrong!!!

Lesson learned here – NEVER go into Sarah’s garden 🙁

Nature Hates Selfies

Just remember what Mother N. has at her disposal to deal with this crime.

Lava Hotsprings High Dive Accident

Give this lady a gold medal!

Rémi Gaillard Indulges in Some Free Sex

How to score with the pretty ladies, the “so ronery” way.


Lets face it, who really needs 4 wheels on a car?