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When Your Mom Wakes up in the Morning

So true.

When You Play Dodgeball with a Softball Player

When dodgeball goes wrong.

‘Family Feud’ in 3 Minutes

If you cut out all of the unnecessary talking and commercials, an entire episode of the long-running TV game show, Family Feud, can be watched in exactly three minutes.

Hulk Vs. Bear

Did no one tell Hulk that being a dick to animals is not cool.

Recording Fail

His dad’s not gonna be happy.

UCLA Cheerleader Falls to the Ground—Twice

The lesson here, always use a stretcher—unless you’re Homer Simpson.

Donald Trump’s Tweets as an Early 2000s Emo Song

Super Deluxe reimagines Donald Trump’s Twitter rants as an angsty song in the style of early 2000s emo.

Anatomically Correct Spider-Man

It would be seriously disturbing if the web spinning super power of Spider-Man functioned like a real spider’s does.

Rapping Fast on Helium

Rapper Mac Lethal sounds like a chipmunk on speed as he shows of his famously fast rapping abilities while taking hits of helium.

21 Things Trump says Make a ‘Bing’ Sound

Four more years of this.

Ozzy Man Recaps January 2017

Ozzy Man Reviews looks back at some of the good, bad, and bizarre stories that made the news in January 2017.

Chicken Plays Trump Protest Song

Even chickens don’t like the new POTUS.

Man vs. Mantis Slap Fight

Guy has a slap fight with a praying mantis using his fingers.

How Dumb is this Guy?

But hey, at least he tried. That’s what really counts.

Dad Records His Son’s Amazing First Words

Incredible. Babies are just magical, aren’t they?

Drugs - A Snapchat Sketch

Two guys try a drug they’ve never heard of.

Robot Outsmarts ‘I’m Not a Robot’ Captcha Test

The uprising has begun.

A Bad Lip Reading of Donald Trump’s Inauguration

Sometimes politicians do say what they’re actually thinking.

Fan Attempts Proposal During Hawks Kiss Cam, Drops Ring

A fan tried to propose to his girlfriend, but it all went wrong when he dropped the ring.

When Your Car’s Heater Breaks in January

When this happens, you need to get creative, like lighting a propane tank in the back of the car.

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