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Proof That Beer Never Goes Out Of Fashion

Not all things from the past are relevant now, but it also means that some things shouldn’t be tampered with.

Official Prancercise: Fitness with Passion

She is as smart as she is beautiful…….you do the math.

Website Model Involuntarily Pumps Up the Jam

You gotta admit, she’s a great dancer. )

Photoshop Can Go Both Ways

As well as air-brushing models into contemporary beauty conformity, it can also do the opposite. Ho, ho and ho.


Shhh, it’s a pantz suit.

Welcome to the Interwebs

Sometimes no description is possible!

Epic High Heels Catwalk FAIL!

Sometimes it’s best to just let gravity do its thing.

Gangnam Style Bass Cover

Say what you will about his dress sense, dude can PLAY.

Cycle-Skating – The New Sport of 1923

It’s all the rage dontchaknow?

Zlad – Elektronik Supersonik

The greatest Eurovision entry ever.

Future World Orchestra

They were biting their lips and looking self-satisfied before it was popular.

1970s German Shoe Commercial

In the 1970s this is how shoes were advertised in Germany. Those were some vintage years for bad craziness by all accounts.

Pomplamoose vs Motilo: “Another Day”

You’re in for an audiovisual treat as the endearingly cute voice of Nataly Dawn and the toe-tapping beats of Jack Conte (aka the musical force that is Pomplamoose) are complimented with the puppet-like stop-motion dancing of the beautiful Motilo models to give you a sublime few minutes of pop perfection–and a little respite from your […]

Lips of Babel

A truly tantalising tongue twister teasing moment from the Motilo ‘Lips Of Babel’ series as 13 resplendent models recite tongue twisters in their native language. But take stock, because this might be your only chance to see that many pairs of sensuous lips — belonging to the world’s most stunning models no less — talk […]

Sputniko! – Menstruation Machine

All aboard the good ship WTF, is everyone aboard? Then let’s set sail for the strange, and frankly disturbing, world of artist Hiromi Ozaki and his fully functioning Menstruation Machine. We have now entered the epicenter of the weird, there’s no going back, the monsters are real here. And no one can help you…

Tattoo Decision Flowchart

Thinking about getting a tattoo? Well before you make that life changing decision and get a picture of Batman tattooed onto your Johnson, consult this handy flowchart and then, hopefully, you won’t live with regrets. Or maybe stop drinking.

Chuck Norris – AKA Ned Flanders the Bible Thumper

Oh. Dear. So it’s legal to teach kids what amounts to nursery rhymes as truth? F#ck, why don’t we teach kids that a giant green panda with candy eyes and arms made from love created the universe by sh#tting marshmallows and fluffy clouds out of its butt. No Chuck, NO! Somebody set a godless Satanic […]


This won the Oscar for Best Animated Short 2010 – it’s great fun and a worthy award winner methinks. Made by François Alaux, Herve de Crecy and Ludovic Houplain.

Man Tash

In these days of metrosexuals and “the male in crisis” it’s good to know someone somewhere is keeping that shit real. Even if it is just a comic strip. Man up, tash on. (via

Action Jeans

Chuck Norris is old news, but I still want a pair of these jeans. Made from the teeth of a T-Rex and the ground down bones of dead action heroes, probably.