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How to Use Tesla’s Autopilot Mode

A husband and wife demonstrate some of the fun activities you can do while using Tesla’s autopilot feature.

Sports without fans is nothing – EURO 2016

Heartfelt story of a little girl and a life-long fan’s unforgettable experience to see their team play.

‘Control the Light’

Yep I’m going to say it, this looks like a vehicle from Tron.

Here in My Garaaaaaage

That feeling when you only have 47 Lamborghinis in you Lamborghini account.

Guy Does Insanely Good Car Engine Impression

Is it a man pretending to be a car? Or car pretending to be a man?

Epic Drift Caught Live on Camera

This is how you deal with a blizzard.

Lamborghini Huracan Crashes at 200mph

Here’s why you should always stick within the legal speed limit.

Busted By a Policeman on Horseback While Doing a Wheelie

“Get out of the Square Mile and don’t come back.” Hey, we’ve all been there.

Rally car makes spectators sh#t their pants!

It must be thinking to itself “Bad aiming, How can i miss so many people?”

Surreal Russian Road Rage

I guess the moral of the story is to always choose your battles carefully – WTF!?!

How to do in GTA online

……..And i am in the darkside of YouTube. Again

Truck Driver Takes Down Motorcyclist

There’s teaching someone a lesson in driving the wrong way towards oncoming traffic, and then there’s nearly killing someone.


Why? You might ask. Because, well, why the fuck not.

Fast and Furious: Ukrainian Drift

The driver of a BMD-2 airborne infantry fighting vehicle carves up a couple of donuts in the streets of Slavyansk.

Canta Fun

This is probably the only good reason why you should own a micro car.

Test Drive 2

Next time you get into a cab, just remember this video. Be afraid.

Audi S5 Drift Fail Crash

Not so much a drift as completely losing control of your car.

Truck Driver Fights Pedestrian Without Even Stopping His Truck

Only in Russia.

In Soviet Russia Parking Spot Finds You

Parking lvl: Russian

Waffles The Terrible – Cat Fails Jump From Snow-Covered Car

Waffles the terrible jumper more like. Amirite? Huh?