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Animated Music Video for Nerd Punk Track “The Whore of Enterprise”

If you’re a Trekkie, you’re going to love this.

The Calling

Happy Halloween.

8-Bit Cinema: Sin City

Someone really needs to make this game.

Insane Animation From Cyriak

Cyriak’s brought out another insane animation that will warp your brain. In a good way.

WTF is Going on in This Video

Don’t even try to understand this, just embrace it.

Aug(de)mented Reality- Dialogue Tests

The world is made a better place with a sharpie, white-out, transparency cels, and an iPhone.

Not That Hammer Thor!

The downside of having a super hammer.

Does Penis Size Matter?

There’s good news and bad news.

Luis Suarez the World Cup Zombie

Claymation animator Lee Hardcastle shows us what really went down in the Uruguay vs. Italy match.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone Doing Voices And Cracking Up

South Park looks like it’s as much fun to work on as you thought.

Breaking Bad Mr Men

Not many people know this but Breaking Bad actually started out as a children’s cartoon.

Jaboody Dubs Compilation 1: Old Cartoons

All your old cartoon favorites are here, but they’re much cruder.

Don’t Light Up While Others Are Eating

Especially not if this girl is around, cos she’ll go absolutely nuts.

If Frozen was a Horror Movie

‘Do you wanna build a nightmare?’

Cyanide & Happiness - Mother’s Day Cake

Don’t worry kiddo, the smokes’ll kill her soon enough.

Call Of Duty Advance Warfare Leaked Trailer

You might want to take your headphones out for this one.

When Frozen Meets Hitler

Does the Führer want to build a snowman? Well what the fuck do you think.

Scientifically Accurateâ„¢: SpongeBob Squarepants

Well, this is depressing. No cool friends to hang out with for this SpongeBob, just a life time of dish washing.

Cyanide & Happiness - Dentist

Yep, pretty much like any dentist you’ve ever visited.

If Disney Made Breaking Bad

Bitch, this is fricking amazing and a vast improvement to the original scene in Frozen.

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