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Rick and Morty – Drunk Rick Method Acting

If you wanted to know how showrunner and voice actor Justin Roiland does his drunk Rick on Rick and Morty, he drinks LOTS of tequila.

The Scottish Lilo & Stitch

Definitely NOT one to show the kids.

Castlevania Animation is Coming to Netflix

The Castlevania video game series is being adapted into an adult animation. The series will premiere this year on Netflix and is written by Warren Ellis, with director Adi Shankar and Adventure Times’ Kevin Kolde also involved.

The Scottish Lilo & Stitch

Hilarious, but certainly not safe for the kids to watch.

UCLA Cheerleader Falls to the Ground—Twice

The lesson here, always use a stretcher—unless you’re Homer Simpson.

Ginger Cat vs. The Paper Army 2

Filmmaker Adam Cox is back with an epic sequel to his 2013 viral short film, Ginger Cat vs. The Paper Army.

Cyriak’s Presents ‘The Magic of Christmas’

This being a Cyriak animation it’s not very magical and rather disturbed instead.

A ‘Stranger Things’ Christmas

Stranger Things and the classic animated Christmas special A Charlie Brown Christmas get mashed together.

Thomas the Tank Engine: Origins

This animated comedy short from AOK tells the dark origin story of Thomas the Tank Engine.

Kyle’s Mom’s a Bitch from South Park in Concert

The Berklee College of Music perform an brilliant version of the South Park classic.

The Simpsons on Pokemon Go

Even Homer has Pokémon Go fever.

Jesus Vs. Dinosaurs

It wasn’t a asteroid that killed the dinos, it was Jesus.

Toy Story ‘The Walking Dead’ Intro Mashup

This is surprisingly creepy.

SpongePulp FictionPants

SpongeBob + Pulp Fiction = a thing of sheer brilliance.

Sub-Zero Stays Dizzy

Sometimes a brutal fatality is better than the alternative.

South Park – You’re Not Yelping

Boogers and Cum! South Park gives the Yelp food critics their own special song.

What Everyone Wants from The Walking Dead

Coral. coral? COOORRRRAAALLL!!!

SpongeBob SquarePants Sings Black Sabbath’s ‘War Pigs’

Ozzy’s voice fits Spongebob perfectly.

Horrifying Yet Beautiful Uncanny Expressions

The horror. The beauty.

Very Weird Version of Simpsons Intro

Oh, hello nightmare!