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Posts from ‘April, 2017’

When Twerking Goes Horribly Wrong

She definitely shouldn’t have worn white pants.

Why Guys Do Yoga

In the latest sketch from Third Leg Studios, a guy explains to his girlfriend the real reason he likes to take yoga classes.

Fellowship of the Meme

‘One does not simply animate a meme. It drains my data plan in minutes!’

This Putin Translation Seems Legit

The guy who made this better never go to Russia, unless he likes gulags.

Trumpington Bee

Another day another press conference…

Furless Tickle Me Elmo is Just No

Ever wondered what Tickle Me Elmo looks like without fur?

Jesus Escalator Fail

Nailed it.

Kim Jong un, Donald Trump & Vladimir Putin Dance to Uptown Funk

Robbing banks with these masks would be quite something.

Man Greeted by Hissing Alligator in Storm Drain

Not exactly the most welcome surprise.

Motorcyclist Crashes, Falls off Cliff

A motorcycle rider somehow managed to survive falling down a cliff after losing control of his vehicle. In this heart-stopping footage captured on another guy’s headcam the rider can be seen skidding off the road after missing a turn.

Girlfriend Revenge Prank Fail

In this To Catch a Cheater video a girl wants to test her boyfriend’s loyalty by entraping him with an attractive-looking pregnant teen.

A Laser Cut Vin Diesel Bust Out of Ham & Cheese

An incredible achievement.

Stuff Happening in Reverse

Simple, yet totally mesmerizing.