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Posts from ‘December, 2016’

Ginger Cat vs. The Paper Army 2

Filmmaker Adam Cox is back with an epic sequel to his 2013 viral short film, Ginger Cat vs. The Paper Army.

The Onion Reviews ‘Die Hard’

Peter K. Rosenthal looks back the Nakatomi corporation’s unfortunate failed Christmas party in Bruce Willis’ classic 1988 action film, Die Hard.

Angry Dad Vs. Amazon Echo

Think of it as a 101 on how to interact with technology.

Cyriak’s Presents ‘The Magic of Christmas’

This being a Cyriak animation it’s not very magical and rather disturbed instead.

Storm Troopers Can’t Shoot

Obi-Wan must’ve been tripping when he said this about Storm Troopers.

Uk Miners Sing ‘The Northern Calypso’

“David Cameron may take our jobs but he can’t take our sense of humour” says one miner.

The Girl Who Has Never Laughed

They find things funny, they just don’t laugh. There are literally dozens of people like this and the world needs to know about their struggles.

Grant a Wish Kid’s Touchdown is Denied


Guy Inhales 2.7 Gram Death Dab

Man, just look at his eyes change . This must’ve taken hours, if not days, to recover from.

The Somniloquist

Adam Rosenberg recorded himself talking in his sleep nearly every night for a year. These are some of the hilarious things he said.

Every Human Ever

Brooklyn-based comedy group The Kloons accurately illustrate the introspective concerns of just about every human on earth.

Darth Vader Performs Star Wars Themes on Flaming Bagpipes

Portland, Oregon-based musician Brian Kidd, aka ‘The Unipiper’ dresses up as Darth Vader to perform iconic Star Wars music on his famous flaming bagpipes, while maintaining his balance on a Death Star yoga ball.

Burglar Caught in the Act

But thanks to Nest camera and the Dallas PD his plan was foiled.

Vengeance Meow

A guy’s cat gets paid back for a week’s worth of early morning wake ups.

Iguana Beast Mode

Marshawn Lynch Beast Mode run iguana style.

You Suck at Cooking—Modified Mac and Cheese

Host of the parody cooking series You Suck at Cooking demonstrates a series of simple recipes for enhancing a boring box of macaroni and cheese.

Ozzy Man Reviews: Man Punches Kangaroo

Ozzy Man Reviews adds hilarious commentary to a recent viral video of a man duking it out with a kangaroo.

Thank God for the Reefer

High dude loves his dank kush. What more can you say?

Mom Finds 8th Graders Spotify Playlist

And she’s not happy with all the sucking and f*cking.

Go Karting Fail

She tried to kill him, but he swerved her ass?.