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Posts from ‘August, 2016’

Heavy Metal Cats

Cats are the most metal of all the animals.

I Miss My Vibrator

The best nine seconds you’ll spend today.

True Facts About The Octopus

ZeFrank’s back with another eye-opener on the natural world, this time delivering the scientific truth about octopuses.

Solitary Monkey

They were sent to the zoo to film a tiger, they came back with this.

Predictive Text Man

This is your brain on predictive text.

Halo Theme in an Empty Church (CRAZY reverb)

This gave me the strangest Nerd Boner O.o

Hot Tub Cadillac

A 1969 Cadillac Coupe DeVille turned into a fully functioning drivable hot tub.

Not Handsome

Baldness and handsomeness just don’t go together.

Warning: Swans hate selfies!

And they have very sharp beaks, so watch out!

You Suck at Cooking: Corn on the Cob

Parody cooking series You Suck at Cooking explores various ways to shuck and prepare freshly caught corn on the cob.

Peter Ness Plays Blackjack

Guy pranks the dealers of an online video blackjack service with his puerile username.

Grad School vs. Opening a Brewery

Middle class male struggles are so real.

Planet Snoop: Unexpected Catfish

Everyone’s favorite nature-documentary narrator Snoop Dogg brings forth his epic and hilarious commentary skills.

Indian Rally Instructor Begs Driver To Follow His Commands

Sammy doesn’t seem to give a damn for those instructions.

How ‘Pokémon GO’ Creatures Are Spawned

So this is how they distribute Rattata, Pidgey, Zubat, and Ekans around the world.

Musicless Musicvideo—The Beatles ‘You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away’

Mario Wienerroither hilariously imagines the music video for the Beatles’ ‘You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away’ without the music.

Baby, This Song Is For You

Popular songs that use the word ‘baby’ get weirdly reimagined as if they were about actual babies.

Gandalf Sax Riot After 4 Day Long LAN Party

A good LAN party is only successful if you go nuts on Epic Sax Gandalf.

‘I’m Afraid To Talk To Men’ the Song

Isn’t everyone afraid to talk to men?

Biff Tannen Is Donald Trump

This video is going to blow your damn mind.

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