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The Secrets Of Magic Revealed

Some of the greatest illusions by some of the world’s greatest magicians work so well because we’re unable to guess how they did it.

Sometimes you don’t always need to guess though, because sometimes the secrets get revealed.

For instance, there’s a Penn & Teller trick from the 1990s which saw Penn drive an 18 wheeler truck over Teller who was lying on the ground. Now, nobody would ordinarily survive such a feat but somehow Teller avoided getting crushed. How?  The Secrets of Magic Revealed explains how it happened:

“The opposite side of the truck has had counterweights fitted, out of eyesight and camera shot, of course, pulling all of the weight off the side that is going over Teller.” The counterweights meant that there was basically no impact on Teller what so ever, which is why he looks so casual.

There are plenty more classic tricks explained on The Secrets of Magic Revealed, from Siegfried & Roy’s transition trick of turning a woman into a tiger to David Copperfield’s insane “death saw” illusion, to the classic optical illusion trick of linking rings, performed by Richard Ross.

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