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Posts from ‘May, 2016’

Overweight Man Hilariously Takes Flight Off Waterslide

Man, he gets some serious air.

Nose Twerking

A new high watermark for human culture.

Get in the Boat!

When your kid says get in the boat, get in the damn boat.

Pranksters Build Walmart Toilet Paper Fort

Two pranksters demonstrate how to build a comfortable fort, complete with furnishings, in the toilet paper section of any Walmart store.

This Guy Really Hates This Wedding Slow-Mo Photo Booth

The cold dead stare into your soul says it all. Sad guy hanging out in a wedding slow-mo photo booth is all of us

Jesus Smoking Weed

Praise be.

Donald Trump Hates Bright Lights

Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump, goes berserk when the lights keep turning off and on at a campaign rally in Atlanta, Georgia.

Things First Time Campers Do

A humorous sketch of what it’s like to go camping with people who have never experienced the great outdoors.

British Gameshow Spells Out Rude Word

If Beavis and Butthead did gameshows…

Text to Speech Dog Translation

YouTube user kmlkmljkl ran his Pomeranian’s sneezes and barks through a text to speech translator and this is the hilarious result.

Old Guy Dancing to Adventure Time’s ‘Puncha yo Buns’

This poor old guy was just having a great time, little did he know he’d end up on YouTube. God bless you, internet.

Hotline Bling by Bryan Cranston

A poetic rendition of the Drake’s modern masterpiece, Hotline Bling.

Volleyball Player Scores Point With Her Face

She pulled a Scott Sterling move in real life.

Meet Pete The Farting Corn-Eating Wombat

This is your spirit animal.

Epic Freakout Over World of Warcraft

After mom cancels his WoW account there’s only one way this guy can react.

How to Eat Corn and Lose Your Hair

Well, that could have gone better.

Beats by Bulldog

South Africa-based musician Nic Smal creates a catchy beat using sounds made by his English bulldog.

Tom Cruise’s ‘Risky Business’ Dance With Realistic Audio

It’s much, much funnier like this.

Barack Obama Sings Meghan Trainor’s ‘No’

Obama sings Meghan Trainor’s new hit single in the latest Barack Dub mashup music video.

This Pigeon is Not What it Seems

But it’s still not quite as repulsive as the real things.