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Posts from ‘November, 2015’

Marvel’s ‘How to Avenge a Guy in 10 Days’

The Avengers films reimagined as a campy romantic comedy.


Add this to the long list of random objects that sound like Chewbacca from Star Wars.

Dad Attaches Leaf Blower to Son’s Power Wheels Truck

Powerwheels + leaf blower= Genius

This Kid’s Dancin’s On Fire!

Light it up!

Katniss Sure Loves Pita

Katniss is crazy about Pita.

Hyena Sticks Head In Elephant’s Butt

This was never going to end well.

The Trailer Thud Creator is Finally Revealed

This is the guy behind every trailer thud.

So the Chinese Have Time Travel Capabilites Now

They’ve been seen going back to the future.

Dad Parody—Shut Up and Go to Sleep

Shut up and Dance with me? No thank you, its 3:30 in the morning and you kids are supposed to be asleep! Shut Up and go to Sleep!


Some players use the V.A.T.S. system to troll.

Toddler Sings Star Wars Imperial March

Parenting done right.

Shia LaBeouf Motivates Kiss Between Sarah Michelle Gellar and Selma Blair


Man Makes Clever Rap Video About Frustration with His Jeep

In hopes of spreading awareness, Australian Teg Sethi turned his frustrations with Fiat Chrysler Australia into a clever rap music video.

Rémi Gaillard’s Grim Reaper Scare Prank

Things take a dark turn when he starts walking behind an elderly man in a wheelchair.

Finnish Booze Day for the Parents

How do grown up Finnish people behave, when their children allow them to drink alcohol?

Antiques Roadshow Makes Amazing Discovery

An incredible object to find in your garden.

Asking Walker Stalker Con: Is Glenn Dead?!

He can’t be. He just can’t be.

Cat vs. Star Wars TIE Fighters

This cat hates them as much as the rebel scum.

You Suck at Cooking: Blueberry Smoothie

How to make a delicious blueberry smoothie using a Vitamix blender.

Iraqi Forces in Heavy Clashes

Who knows if they’re hitting anything, but it’s still intense.

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