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Posts from ‘September, 2015’

26 Different Ways To SCREAM

Learn how to appropriately react during those scary moments.

Chewbacca Toilet Paper Dispenser

This toilet paper dispenser does a spot-on impression of Chewbacca from Star Wars.

The Antiques Roadshow

Back before the internet, adult entertainment was found in something called “magazines.”

Second Republican Debate…Minus the Debate

Donald Trump headlines the second Republican debate minus the debate.

Basejumping Toddlers

Erik and Oskar Roner celebrate Father’s Day.

‘God Save the Queen’ – Sex Pistols & Jeremy Corbyn

Anarchy in the UK.

Why You Should Buy an Acrylic Water Pipe

Man, can they take some heat.

Very Weird Version of Simpsons Intro

Oh, hello nightmare!

CrapAdvisors 3. Australia Special

Even the beautiful land down under isn’t spared of ridiculous reviews. Are these people ever happy?

Way Too Much Synthol

This guy’s the living embodiment of when you hit randomize on character creation.

Hilarious Review of Romania’s Got Talent

This guy should be hired to host the damn show.

How To Train a Cat

Teach your cat a variety of tricks with this informative how-to.

Bartkira the Animated Trailer

The Simpsons meets Akira.

GoPro – Be an Hero (ft. AWOLNATION)

If you’re gonna jump, at least do a flip.

What is Love? (a.k.a. Jammed Roller Coaster)

The power of music.

Vagina in a Courtroom

I think she just likes saying vagina.

DuckTales the Alternate Intro

Dear God, WHY!?

Fat Girl Falls of Chair While Dancing

Priceless lolz.

This Baby is Having an Adorable Existential Crisis

The baby’s just like “WTF dude?!”

Deadpool vs Hulk

Guy’s mom dressed as Hulk takes him down while he’s dressed as Deadpool. Why not?