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Posts from ‘May, 2014’

Michael Fassbender & James McAvoy Impersonate Patrick Stewart & Ian McKellan

It’s both young and old Professor X and Magneto in the same bodies. Mind=blown.

DIY X-Men Pyro: Shooting 12ft Flames From Your Wrist

It’s amazing this DIY X-Man hasn’t done himself a serious injury. What a hero.

Drugs Are Bad?

Now this guy’s definitely someone who’s having a very memorable time, indeed.

Baby Predator is the Best Cosplay Ever

There’s no point in anyone anywhere ever doing cosplay ever again—because they will never hit the dizzy heights this kid reaches.

Limmy Discusses Curious Dad Rapper Pitbull

WTF is this rapper and why does he look like an escaped Mexican criminal?

One Direction – One Thing (Shred) by SamRick

This must be what they sounded like at the concert they did right after they smoked that joint.

Bill Murray Gatecrashes a Bachelor Party

And then proceeds to dish out some marry guidance. What a guy.

Donnie Darko – 8 Bit Cinema

Your favorite movie about scary bunnies and a time-travelling Jake Gyllenhaal gets an 8-bit makeover.

Honest Trailers – Alice in Wonderland

Tim Burton’s somehow incredibly dull take on Lewis Carroll’s famous children’s book gets some much needed honesty.

Dubstep Face Making

Say what you like but this guy has talent.

Charlie Brooker On How News Coverage Perpetuates Mass Shootings

Every time there’s a mass school shooting, this video should be watched.

WTF Did I Just Watch?!

This video just goes to show, the entire 70s, 80s and 90s were totally fucked up. God bless them.

Guy Fieri Dub: HOT for Hungarian

Big up the Guy as dives face first into soup, gets mobbed by a polka party, and sweet talks a foxy, foxy lady.

Honest Trailers – The X-Men Trilogy

Let’s just all agree to try and forget the third movie ever existed.

Best High Speed Chase Ever Put to Film

Like, ever! It’s taken from spoof sitcom Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace and it’s the bomb.

Girls Crash Car While Making a Karaoke Selfie Video

Lesson to learn here is: don’t karaoke selfie and drive.

My Super Saiyan Cat Saved My Son

A dramatic situation gets even more dramatic with some added Dragon Ball.

Your Bad Self – Lemonade

You’ll laugh. Then you’ll die a little inside.

What’s In The Box!?

The lesson here is if you’re unsure of something it’s probably a prank, so best to send your friend in first.


Here it is people, your WTF moment of the day. I just can’t.

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