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Posts from ‘March, 2013’

Worlds Worst Burglar

This guy is my new hero.

How To Make ‘My Little Pony’ Cupcakes

Secretly you want to watch this video over & over again…

Thailand’s Got Talent

But not the talent you might’ve first suspected…

Dogs Play Bluegrass

If you’re a fan of dueling banjos, cop for this!

How (Not) to Get into the Movies

Hollywood, are you watching? Hello? Anyone…?

It’s a Fact!

Googly eyes make everything better!

Help The Police

NWA. The ‘W’ stands for ‘without’. Awesome.

Just 80s Toys



If you thought sloths looked cute, wait til you hear one!

April Fool’s Sink Prank

This son plays the same prank for 3 years, here’s a compilation of his dad’s angry reactions.

Skyfall Ruined

There’s no need to piss all over a classic Bond film 🙁

Tommy TugBollocks

Best. Childrens. TV. Show. EVER!

Kapoooya! Interview

The most accurate hailstorm description you’ll ever hear.

Bat Face

Because duck face is too mainstream…

High Blood Pressure Man

Clearly the greatest super hero ever.


Can’t touch this (oh-oh oh oh oh-oh-oh)

Gerard Butler THIS IS SPARTA!

That is what all movie stars should be like.

2 Fast 2 Many Gear Shifts

I’ve not seen it, but this is how I imagine it. Except not as coherent.

Getting Out of Quicksand is Harder Than You Think

Moral of the story: avoid quicksand at all costs.


They come in all shapes and sizes….and ages.