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Posts from ‘March, 2012’

You Can Reach Me

Very silly but amusing nonetheless.

Monster Cat vs. Shoe

If you thought your life was worthless, then just check out these guys. Beyond worthless.

Best Movie Ending Ever

It’s a better ending than Mass Effect 3 had…

“NO WAY” – Worst Song Ever

The kind of song that makes you want to hate yourself for having ears.

Girl Hits On A Tree

Ents need love too you know.

LG Plasma Arc Display Panel – Burn Baby Burn

This is what happens when you fry a plasma TV with 100 volts from a microwave transformer. Emperor Palpatine would be proud.

SSD Angels: Black Ops

Fans of COD: Black Ops know that sometimes you need to go deep, DEEP undercover to achieve your goals.

Republican Rap Battle

Dan Bull makes the republican presidential debate a little more tuneful.

‘The Hell is Going On in This Front Porch?’

Coming to a Disney movie near you soon.

The Gluecifixion

Hilarious heresy. Advertising at it’s finest.

Man’s First Escalator Ride

Witchcraft! WITCHCRAAAAAAFT!!! On no, it’s just an escalator.

Killer Tyre

Nothing to see here, just a tyre seeking bloody revenge.

Tim Minchin “If I Didn’t Have You”

If you’re married and you ever wondered the big “What If…” of not meeting your wife, then Tim’s song is for you.

7th heaven pot smoking episode

It’s the Devil’s harvest, son. No good will come of it.

The Meaning Of Life in 45 Seconds

If you can understand him, you’ll know the secrets of the universe.

Defining “Douchebag”

The kinda guy who beats it to pictures of himself.

First Encounter With Bubbles

One-year-old Lennon experiences the magic of bubbles for the first time. Sad thing is, I still react like this when someone blows bubble.

How To Play Hockey

Apparently this qualifies as ‘sport’ in Canada.

All the Breaking Glass in Total Recall

They sure did break a lot of glass in this movie.

Lie Detector

Job interviews just got tougher…

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