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Posts from ‘January, 2012’

Future World Orchestra

They were biting their lips and looking self-satisfied before it was popular.

Birds of Britain

The British Isles are an endless source of wonder for the many varieties of feathered flying things that pollute our beautiful grey skies.

Party Rock Apocalypse Anthem

Every apocalypse needs a good song, hamsters, a crap car….and plenty of death.

Your Future Husband

We’ve all seen bad dating site videos, it’s about time there was an AWESOME one.

Tickle Me Elmo On Fire!

It tickles! It tickles! Elmo’s a sadistic fuck.

WTF Reporter

The world needs this man.

Shit Samuel L. Jackson Says

Cast your mofo eyes on this. And say “what” again. He dares you.

Star Wars Uncut: Director’s Cut

It’s Star Wars, remade by fans using Lego and cardboard and whatever else they wanted. Yeah, that’s right, say goodbye to the next two hours.

The Day I Met Dave

Anyone who shaves is effectively cutting off their manhood. Dave knows what I’m talking about.

Seconds Since Last OCD Attack

Days since last posting this image: 3.


If you have them, ingest your drugs now. Then consume the video.

Seconds Since Last OCD Attack

Hey, looks like he’s done well, it’s been a good few minutes.

Kramer Driving and Listening to Skrillex

Kramer cruises along listening to Megatron getting fucked in the ass.

Carl Sagan’s Cosmos: ‘The Meat Planet’

The universe is a strange and intriguing place, but even being a vast, expanding totality of everything that exists, you still love bacon.

Jaaam (The Fresh Prince Remix) – Pogo

All rise for the anthem of the internet.

Sutton Oaks 1

When you’re approaching the end of your life, this ought to finish you right off.


It’s comforting to know that someone out in the world these two are walking the earth, fucking with people’s mind-brains.

Dinner Time for Kitty

Sadly, right after the camera stopped filming she ate the cat in a single gulp.

Home Video Commentaries: Not Where You Saw

An epic saga of trainers, justice, snivelling, pride, value judgements and sibling rivalry.

Peter Cook – Dutch Bitch

Things were so simple back in the day………….

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