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Posts from ‘November, 2011’

Trololo – 800% Hyper Extended Mix

This is what the beginning of the universe sounded like.

Fields of Gold by Sting

When he’s not busy saving the world’s indigenous tribes from annihilation, he’s shirtlessly playing a recorder while giving that “wide-eyed meth addict” look to camera.

“Minecraft Epic Rap” – Dan Bull

Minecraft + Dan Bull = You want to watch this.

Hitler Finds Out Fenton is Missing

You know there’s going to be trouble when the Fuhrer finds out that Fenton has gone missing. Oh Jesus Christ.

“Bags” by Rob & Daren

This is an ode to that wrinkly sack of flesh that acts as a cradle to the boys, your hairy ballsack. Amen to that.

Jimmy Carr’s Most Offensive Joke

It’s so offensive I lost an eye.

Wolf Freaks Out Revellers

If these people hadn’t been filming themselves making a drunken racket when a wild animal appears, when they tried to recount this story the morning after no one would’ve believed them. But the evidence is there in this footage: a wolf roaming the streets of London in plain sight. Foxes beware, you may have some […]

Jurassic Pa-FENTON!!

Fenton, the herding dog, is already an internet legend. So let the memes commence! Fenton In London American werewolf in… FENTOOOOOON!

Herders Gotta Herd


Dog Walker’s Grim Discovery

Oh man. The last thing you want to discover while out giving your dog its daily walk is the bloodied carcass of another, less fortunate, canine. But that’s what this guy’s claiming he discovered on Clapham Common. Dog owners of Clapham unite! Take to the common and hunt down the diabolical beast, whatever it is, […]

The Sagan Series – Gift of Apollo

Open your puny human mind to the splendour of the cosmic travellers of the Apollo missions, and cry salty tears at Sagan’s sage-like, enunciated words.

If Quake Were Made Today

Today’s gamers are mollycoddled, don’t even know they’re born–back in the D we didn’t get directions, we had to fend for ourselves and play using only our imaginary computers.

Wolf Spotted In London!

WTF!?! David Attenborough, are you seeing this? When did wolves stop becoming the most timid things in the animal kingdom and start hanging out in urban areas of London, while fireworks were lighting up the sky and scaring every other creature in the vicinity? Either they’re getting a lot braver or it’s a very clever […]

Atheist’s Nightmare = A Simple Question

Can you disprove god? Well, if god did exist surely he would’ve smited this guy from the earth.

Big Trouble In Little China: Keep Kurt Russell In The Dark

Just remember what ol’ Jack Burton always says at a time like this. Well what he would say if he’d read the script.

Pussycat Dolls FAIL!

This video quickly goes from hilarious to creepy in a matter of minutes. Two girls are messing around and having some lulz miming along to the Pussycat Dolls, then all of a sudden we enter pant-staining territory as the back garden starts going all horror movie. Trees start moving, bikes start falling over, something’s out […]

2016 – Amazing Ghana Movie Trailer

James Cameron’s got nothing on these guys.

Cats Walks in Hind Legs

Is the human controlling the cat or vice-versa?

Animal ripped apart

You can find some intriguing stuff posted online–take for instance this video I stumbled upon. What starts off as a normal scene where a group of friends are setting off some fireworks, suddenly takes a turn for the gruesome. When one of them stumbles upon the mutilated remains of some animal and no idea what […]

Made In Detroit: Eminem And Chrysler

Detroit, it’s a place famous for a few things, but mostly for producing plenty of automobiles and also that guy who starred in that movie, 8 Mile. And while Mr Marshall Bruce Mathers III and the Motor City have both had to endure their fair share of hardships and upsets, it didn’t stop them from […]

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