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Posts on ‘October 7th, 2011’

Jumping Three MINIs – No Biggie

The Olympics is coming to London. Hoorah! It’s going to be so full of superhumans breaking insane records and showing Olympian power that you’re going to be knackered just watching them. And if you needed proof of how awesome these elite athletes are, here’s long jump champ J.J. Jeged leaping over not one, but three […]

Skynet is Coming…

And to think, science-fiction told us the machine uprising would come from defense technology, but no, as ever reality is far more ordinary. You’re just un-boxing your new Central Station monitor, you’re excited, you got some new gear, then the technological singularity slaps you in the face. Next thing you know we’re being grown in […]

Sammy Davis Jr. – Assmeat (Sweet Eyejazz)

Music’s changed so much, it used to be all about Sammy D crooning about assmeat. You know, they just don’t make them like this any more. And it’s the world’s loss.