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Posts from ‘October, 2011’

Francis Auditions for Extreme Make Over

It’s going to take more than plastic surgery to transform him. It’s going to take reincarnation.

Fever Dreams – Episode 5

Wow, they’re on episode 5 already. Looks like I’ve got some catching up to do…


She’s Shithead, and you luuuurrrrve her.

Parigot – Animated Short

Here’s your graduation project animated short of the day. Just look at those detailed backgrounds. Go on. Good, aren’t they?

Play Him Off, Keyboard Cat

If there’s one thing Keyboard Cat can’t stand it’s nerds and geography. No wait, that’s two things.

University Challenge The Stone Roses

The Roses know where it’s at, which is why they chose to announce their 3rd coming via a medium that would reach all the fans. Mani, this is your starter for ten.

Peace Talks

Words vs bullets – who’s going to win? Well when they’re flying out of two guys’ mouths then probably the words, at least according to this world-wide appeal for ‘International alert’. These two might want to take a closer look at their diet, whatever it is they’re eating is causing some strange symptoms. Thank god […]

How To Make A British Guard Laugh

Not known for their humor or willingness to interact with the public, this is how you get beneath their iron skin.

Joe Rogan talks about DMT

Joe Rogan, sharing his psychedelic druggy experience of alternate dimensions and pulsating light beings live on air for the nation’s education. Spirit molecules, yo.

Weird Soviet Psych-Folk

In Soviet Russia, well, shit’s just weird. I mean, come on! WTF is all this about? They’re not even sweating a pill and they’re acting all crazy.

Aurora Seen From the ISS in Orbit

If you thought the Northern Lights looked good from earth, then you need to get your lazy ass up into space.

The Peep Jeep

The internet. Giving freaks and weirdoes an outlet since 1998.

Who’s Lenny? ‘See No Evil’

Street art yo!

Amazing African Soccer Skills

This is awesome! We caught this unbelievable moment off camera during the filming of Guinness Football Challenge’s new season. African footballing greats Marcel Desailly, Kalusha Bwalya, Jay Jay Okocha and Rigobert Song were just messing around between takes and then this happened…

Fat Cat Watching TV

Don’t fuck with this cat when he’s watching his favourite show. He’ll claw your insolence from your very soul — now go get him a fresh beer.

Iggy Azalea – “Two Times”

This woman sure does like showing and rapping about her vajayjay. But who can blame her. Keep up the good work.

Time to Body Wash

Forget the Old Spice Man, there’s a new champ in town. And he super powerful.

Keyboard Cat – The Toy!

Thank whatever fictional god(s) you believe exists, because they have answered all our prayers.

Jumping Three MINIs – No Biggie

The Olympics is coming to London. Hoorah! It’s going to be so full of superhumans breaking insane records and showing Olympian power that you’re going to be knackered just watching them. And if you needed proof of how awesome these elite athletes are, here’s long jump champ J.J. Jeged leaping over not one, but three […]

Skynet is Coming…

And to think, science-fiction told us the machine uprising would come from defense technology, but no, as ever reality is far more ordinary. You’re just un-boxing your new Central Station monitor, you’re excited, you got some new gear, then the technological singularity slaps you in the face. Next thing you know we’re being grown in […]