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Posts from ‘September, 2011’

Floppy music DUO – Imperial march

Your day just got infinitely better. Why? Because these floppy disks are playing the Imperial March from Star Wars. Unfortunately it’s downhill from here though.

IKEA Introduces Nursery for Men

This is perfect, let the wife look for Scandinavian furniture, you get to play video games. All it’s missing is beer.

“Sixtify” Your Life

Remember the sixties? Of course not. If you were there, you don’t. If you weren’t there, you don’t. What gives? Thankfully we can all pretend like we were there and we remembered everything with this FB app. Just head on over to Facebook and you can “sixtify” your photos, because we all know that retro […]


Trust the Japanese. This is some strange hobby of theirs where you ‘make’ food using sachets of some weird alien substance. It’s not edible, it rots so you can’t keep it, but it’s fascinating nonetheless.

Dan Fanelli Ad

Racist? Bigot? Sexist? You bet Dan Fanelli is. Vote him in if you hate your country.

Swiss Porn synchronization

This guy’s a total pro.

2Pac and Biggie freestyling with Plan Z

You ready for that raw dog shit, man? Oh you better be.

Actress – Supreme Cunnilingus

The two most cunning linguists of them all, J-Ross and Van Ham, give us heathens the lowdown on how to perfect the fine art of muff diving. This is a great honour for us all. Amen.

Mad High, Yo

When you’re out of your tree on chemicals, this is exactly the sort of tripped out crazies you need to entertainment you. Ballet dancers + acid = fuck yeah.

Jazz for Cows

I hear they’re totally into Thelonious Moo-nk.

Kiddex Juice Drink!

This is of the so bad it’s great variety. So prepare your WTF face.

Rockin’ ABCs

A new take on a old classic.

Cat Watches Cat Watching Nyan Cat

We need to go deeper.

Little Girl Trolls Kermit the Frog

This qualifies as the epitome of cute.

Tyler’s Power Kick

Little bugger doesn’t know his own strength.

Cave Spider Hiding Itself

Does anybody else find it cute how the spider covers itself with sand? No?

Get Your Labels On Route 66

If you had a chance to choose some poignant words that would act as a label for yourself and your life, what would you choose? It’s not as easy as you might think. It’s almost like writing an epitaph for the life you are still living. Take these people for example, living along the most […]

Dominos Pizza on the Moon

Great, now aliens can fully enjoy shitty pizza too.

Going to the Store

If 4chan smoked enough salvia that it manifested itself into reality as a corporeal being, this is what it would look and act like.

Tourettes Karaoke Chris De Burgh ‘ Lady in red’

Now this is the sort of quality entertainment that should be blasted out of the nation’s TV screens around prime time ever fucking night of the week.

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