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Posts from ‘August, 2011’

Dancing Snail

What? You’ve never seen a dancing snail before? They love to move.

Crazy Pygmy Princess

Cackling like a witch on laughing gas, this is what those terribly uncouth natives got up to before the British brought them civilisation masked in tiffin breaks and the bloody slaughter of their families.

Rotate Your Owl

Dropping mad science, yo.

Copyright: Forever Less One Day

So, when we get that DeLorean time machine, who do we need to go back and poke in the eye for the idiocy that is copyright law? Well, according to this copyright infringing YouTube video it was the dastardly Queen Anne. Let’s get her!

The Human Brain

Science stares long and hard with x-ray, lazer eyes into the heart of the human brain. What it sees there is something beyond even the hushed tones of nature documentarians and neurologists from the 1960s. It sees the cosmic order of Thoth filtered through the rainbow of truth.

Cultural Differences

No matter what culture you’re from, airplane food always tastes like shit to the human palate. It’s the one thing that unites us all.

Divine Rags – The Store of Your Dreams

High end couture for mid-price people.

Tiny Chainsaw

If you had a tiny chainsaw, what would you do with it? Cut some cheese? Cut off your own legs? One to think about while tossing and turning in bed at night.

Pinball Number 12 Reanimated

Your life is now complete. A stop-motion remake of the classic Pinball Number 12 animation from Sesame Street. Now cry with melancholic nostalgia you pussy.

The Silly Adventures of Mr. Mochi

If a man can’t run about in a tartan tutu slaying sheep with a fish sword, what’s the point in living.

Michael Rosen Becomes Increasingly Explicit

Michael Rosen is a children’s novelist not usually known for his blue language. But here he sees fit to turn into a degenerate filth monkey. Which necessitates the following: WON’T SOMEBODY PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!!!!!!

How to Catch a Mouse

If you can bear listening to this guy’s dejected voice for longer than a nano-second, then you might learn how to catch a mouse. Or you might just learn the futility of existence.

Looters Hit 10 Downing Street!

Britain was falling into anarchy and its political leaders were sunbathing and eating focaccia. So thank God that Dave’s back, just a shame he didn’t turn his back and see the looters nicking his stuff while he was giving a press conference.

Serenading a Beluga Whale

Nothing to see here, just a mariachi band serenading a sub-Arctic cetacean. No biggie.

The Periodic Table

Do you know your bismuth from your palladium? But you know your P Diddy from you Fiddy? Well then this rap may help you understand… something.

Remix Aloe Blacc’s “Tonight Downtown”

Aloe Blacc’s new track, “Tonight Downtown”, is all about partying hard after a hard day’s work. It’s a subject matter we’re all familiar with, no doubt, so why not add your own personal spin on it by creating a remix of the track using the GoMix Facebook app. You even get to use the original […]

Hitler Icecream Truck

Because, you know, nothing spreads joy and happiness like Ice cream and the Third Reich.

Slow Dance for Teens

The restraint and sexual tension threatens to collapse the universe in on itself. You just know that right after this slow dance it all descended into a giant orgy.

“Without Me” – Ragtime Remix

Eminem filtered through the vaudevillian piano-tickling tunes of the late 1800s. Grab your cane and top hat and throw those legs in the air. Otto Von Bismark approves.

cHip sHop- tickle vs dead prez

Nothing is more street than getting a second dinner down the chip shop, doesn’t matter if you’re east coast or west coast, salt and sauce is totally pimp, yo.