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Posts from ‘July, 2011’

Arnie Does “Bohemian Rhapsody”

The Schwarzenmeister channels his best Freddie Mercury to give us his best rendition of this best Queen classic.

Who Tweets The Most?

Nature is a very curious thing, forget the birds & the bees, this summer it’s all about the ‘birds & the Tweets. Ornithologists say birds are most active early mornings and late afternoons… But can our species out-Tweet them? It’s the humans against the birds in our Bulmers orchard – who will win? Join the […]

I’m Going To Kick You In The F**K

This little ditty has the potential to become a top ten smash hit and kicking animals in the fuck will become the new craze. Fuck yeah.

Rambo vs. Murdoch

There’s only one man who has the skills and the power to stop the powerful entity that is Rupert Murdoch. That man is John Rambo.

Sesame Street Does the Beastie Boys

Oscar the Grouch, Cookie Monster, Elmo, Burt, Ernie, and Glover prove that everything they do is funky like Lee Dorsey. Sesame Street breaks it down from Wonderful Creative on Vimeo.

Wrong… Very wrong

Make sure no one’s in the room with you, then stand up, stretch, and start following his moves.

Baby Sloth, Yawning

Well, fuck me if it isn’t a baby sloth yawning. Awww. These things taste delicious you know? Wrapped in a bacon weave, m’mmm.

This is Norway

A video all about the capital of Sweden. So next time you bump into a Scandinavian, once they sober up, you can impress them with your knowledge of their homeland and the different trolls that live there.

Duck Tales

Totally quackers.

Defined by Music

Making it in the music biz is fraught with ups and downs, it’s the kind of career that you’ll need skin as thick as Cee-Lo’s waist band to survive. But if you do decide to head down this treacherous path, then hope that your rise to meteoric super stardom is swift and successful. Like these […]

X3: Reunion Review

Humanity is being threatened by the the giant Kha’ak. Time to send them into a furry wormhole.

Super Mario 10 hours

Not got much to do today? Then why not watch everyone’s favourite fictional Italian plumber climb up a vine plant for 10 hours.

Victor Lewis-Smith Winds Up QVC!

Ernie from Dagenham, you are a scourge on the good drivers of the British Isles.

Lernert & Sander’s “Natural Beauty”

What would happen if you put a year’s worth of makeup on Belgian supermodel Hannelore Knuts? I know it’s a question that keeps us all awake a night in a state of fevered anxiety. Well, here’s the answer.

Jarvis JR-50 Super Pig Decapitator

For when you absolutely, positively have to decapitate a pig.

Dial-up Sound 700% slower

This will creep you out for the rest of the day, it sounds like the stilted cries of a machine entity from another dimension.

What Tau Sounds Like

The geekiest man alive threatens to destroy the world by swallowing itself from the nerdiness of muscially interpreting the mathematical constant Tau to 126 decimal places.

KFC Commercial

It sounds like the last, desperate nightmare of a drowning chicken.

Bono, the Biggest Dog in the World

Now this is quite a bold claim to make, how does he know there’s not some monster chihuahua running rampant and playing fetch with the jungles of South America?

Seagull Steals Camera

Lights, camera… oh shit.

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