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Posts from ‘May, 2011’

Glastonbury Festival: The App

If you love listening to live music, there’s really no better place to do that than in a field in the British countryside. But as ever with Glastonbury there’s so much going on, it’s difficult to know what to do with yourself. Which is where this handy app comes in. Featuring customisable line-up, interactive map, […]

MTBizarr Der Humpink Christoph Waltz

There’s some internet cultural nod to Trololololo guy here, but filtered through the degenerate mind of someone who likes humping household furniture. Go figure.

Charlie Chaplin vs. Inception

The speech part of Chaplin’s classic “The Great Dictator” with “Time” by Hans Zimmer soundtracking it. You will cry salt tears.

Tips on Using the Toilet

OK, time for a 101 on how to go to the bathroom. You may mock him but he’s doing a public service, so listen to this man, heed his words, and don’t block up the pipes with a giant turd. He has a website too, in case you want more great tips.


This is kind of weird and disturbing but kind of amazing too. A moth flies into a spider’s web and then its day gets worse from there on in. Loom from Polynoid on Vimeo.

Slow-Mo Wizard Dancing

If you want to robot-dance with a little orange ball then this is the way you do it.

James Randi Exposes Uri Geller and Peter Popoff

The skeptic’s skeptic exposes those lying psychics. Which is fine. Until Cthulhu rises from the subterranean cosmic meta-worlds and swallows his soul.

WKRP: Venus Explains the Atom

Explaining the atomic structure using street gangs? Oh, science just got real.

Weird Japanese Dancing Chicks

It’d be great to see a contest between the Scandinavians and the Japanese to see who could out-weird the other. It could be an annual contest that we could film and broadcast to the world. Something to cheer us all up.

I Am Your Grandma

Who said grandmas are cute and sweet and smell of must? Not this grandma, she’s a techno demon screaming from the electric feel.

Supreme Vagina

The title says it all. A Japanese advert that sounds like they’re saying “Supreme Vagina”. Something we can all get into.

Drunk Lady at the Beach

When you’re so fat the sea won’t even take you, you probably need to diet. But the thing is, no matter how hard the sea tries, it struggles to get rid of her. It can beach a whale, but not this chubby Snorlax.


This has the aesthetic of a children’s book, but you wouldn’t want your children reading a book as trippy and all out weirdcore as this.

Special Delivery – Epic Meal Time

The sons of evil meat-slaying demons from planet Beef birth a meat baby from a dead bird. Washed down with some breast milk Jack Daniels. M’mmm.

Rocket Test – Project Excelsior Launch 24

Not sure what this guy had for dinner the night before, but whatever it was it’s given him some good propulsion. He might want to stay away from dodgy take aways in future.

Munamies – Pomppufiilis

Any explanation of this mind-bomb of a video won’t do it justice, so here’s the YouTube description which makes just as much sense as the video. “Munamiehen Pomppufiilis -kappaleen virallinen musiikkivideo. Munamiehen maailma -albumi kaupoissa”. Japan, you have competition.

Stanley Kubrick – a filmography –

John Wayne once remarked that without Kubrick there would be no cinema. Or maybe he didn’t, but anyway, Kubrick made some alright movies. And this here animation pays them their dues, via typography, iconography, and some pretty colours. Stanley Kubrick – a filmography – from Martin Woutisseth on Vimeo.

Sebastian’s Voodoo

If you’re a Voodoo doll the worst thing that can happen to you is being pinned to death. And here’s the story of one brave soul who stood up to those pins and said, “No more”.


Now Brad here is one of two things: a very bad actor or a very good actor playing a very bad actor. Either way, get him on the payroll.

Pale Blue Dot

If you listen close enough you’ll hear the wind and it sounds like Carl Sagan, for he is the voice of the universe. And Werner Herzog is the sound of one hand clapping.