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Posts from ‘April, 2011’

Kick the BALZAC

Note to the ad men, if you’re bringing a children’s toy don’t name if after a man’s hairy purse.

A Legally Blonde Brunette

Now, this kid is only trying to express himself creatively and for that he should be championed. But screw that, kill it with fire.

Shaun of the Dead – Done in 60 Seconds

Everyone’s favourite zomromcom gets an abridged version. Basically he starts out starring in a sitcom called Spaced, makes a zombie movie, next thing you know he’s in Mission Impossible and the Star trek movie and BAM! The nerdy guy becomes a Hollywood actor. The end.

Nothing is Impossible

Just because this dude’s only got one leg, possibly lost to an overzealous dance partner, doesn’t mean that’s going to stop him dancing the samba like a badass. Just imagine what he can do with two legs.

“Singles” by Rebecca Sugar

This animation is awesome and trippy. You need to watch it. Like now.

Celeb Heads in Jars

It looks like the animated world of Futurama was right with regards to celebrities of the future being preserved as disembodied heads in jars, so they can live on and stay famous for eternity, or until someone drops them. It seems in the future the undead, taut-faced form of Joan Rivers will be still be […]

Super Massive vs. Hong Kong

In an epic battle of minds and wit and skill and stuff, Super Massive Raver takes on the incredible might of Hong Kong’s finest kung-rave masters. With his trusty whistle, white gloves, and cheerful cry of “Oi! Oi!” he’s well prepared to fuck some shit up.

Walk the Dinosaur

A remarkable video showing the day a T-Rex was taken to class for show and tell. What you don’t see in this video is the horrible moment when after all the laughing and joking was done, the beast devoured the entire school. Tragic.

The Governator Cartoon

Having a cyborg who’s been sent back in time to destroy humanity as Governor of your state is pretty risky stuff, but in California, that’s how they roll.

Superman at Uni – Epic to the Fail

You’d think the Man of Steel would have no problem kicking open some fire exit doors. He must’ve had a real hard night on the tiles.

“Don’t Brush My Hair in Knots” – Murp

You can keep your Mick Jaggers, your Iggy Pops, you goddamn Jim Morrisons and Kurt “Whev” Cobains, this little 3-year-old girl’s got more charisma and presence than their entire careers. And she doesn’t like her hair being brushed in knots. Fuck. Ye-hair.

Zombie Fortress

When that fated zombie apocalypse comes that’s been predicted in all those movies that are based on fact, this will be the place to hide out (It’s actually an abandoned coal mine in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan). And there’s even a playground next door to take the kids when the zombies go for their afternoon nap.

Reality TV: The Future

If there’s one question that’s balancing in restless anticipation on the very tip of everyone’s tongues it’s: What next for reality TV? Well, you’ll be glad to know it involves killer dolphins, bimbos, drag queens, space, love, hate, weight loss, and a bunch of other crazy stuff that will blow your skull wide open. The […]

Regional Dialects Meme – Glasgow, Scotland

Up in Scotland they’ve not got much to entertain themselves, so they sit around squabbling over how to pronounce different words. Then once they’re done with that, they go eat a deep-fried snorlax.

Police Officer Gets Down

If only all the police of the world were this laid back and fun-loving instead of uptight ball busters. Let’s get some of these guys policing riots.

Building the Dream

There are a few jobs that every kid dreams of doing, one of those is game designer. Right now we’re seeing new generations of game designers ripping up the rule book and investing games with that childhood sense of wonder and discovery—using their energies and imaginations to stretch the platform’s capabilities, developing games that push […]

2.5 Minute Vibrations

This is the tragic but awesome story of one man who lost both his hands only to be replaced by epic cyborg gloves. He went on to become the star of all the best raves held before raves were even thought of. That man was DJ Robo-Hands.

Zombie Walk Against Governor Walker

When there’s no more room in hell, the dead will walk Madison, Wisconsin.

Love at First Sight

Interesting story bro. So, this women doesn’t seem desperate at all, she’s just waiting for that fax Ryan. So, where’s the fax, huh Ryan? No doubt he headed on down to Jamba Juice as soon as this message was over. She’s a keeper Ryan.

Blue Wig Kitty Savors Birthday Rice Balls

OMG! Like, adorbz or what!? Look at this fucking cute kitten chowing down on some birthday fucking rice balls covered in fucking tuna and salmon.